Spotify testing voice-enabled ads that listen to your voice

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/06/2019 12:26 PM

Fox News Headlines 24/7 morning anchor Brett Larson on Spotify testing voice-enabled advertising. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. Headquartered in New York — the business ...

Technology and your privacy, one of the key issues were covering on this program: music, streaming service spotify wants to cash in by testing interactive ads that listen to users. Voices joining us now is morning anchor and fox news, headlines, 24/7 brett, larson, breath and creepy about that. Stop for a commercial break and it says hey: do you want to learn more about axe body spray and say no, ...
hat stuff is disgusting or whatever it is whatever? Maybe you like it, but that's your thing but like whatever maybe they're like hey, you want to find out about organic tofu. No, i'm good. So this is what spotify is can start doing. They actually have a hundredsixteen million ad-supported users, which is pretty impressive. Just last week they passed the two hundred million subscriber mark, which is a combination of paid and the free listeners. The people who listened with the ads so well is gon. Na start happening is, if you have a voice, enabled speaker that has some microphone so think of like an alexa device or sonos. It'S gon na play a bit of a commercial than ask you. If you want to know more and then it will proceed from there. So if it's haley, you know mcdonald's has breakfast all day.

Do you want to know about the nearest mcdonald's? You can say yes and it will coordinate that telling you or tellyou about you know what's on the menu right now, a very interesting idea. I'M sure this is something radio people have wanted, probably since the beginning of radio, you just can't do that with radio, because it's a one-way feed. So in this instance it's a two-way feed. Although i'd you scream at the radio when i'm problem talking to bots about, i mean you know, i don't want to talk to a robot after any other, did you want to talk to a person? If you don't respond it just it just keeps going so whatever the generic ad is it's kind of similar to what youtube does. Sometimes, when you go watch a video it says, youknow look. Can we ask you three questions for a survey to help our advertisers we've seen stuff like this on facebook? In that instance, it makes a always why you asked to do a survey with me. I was made thanks. I'M 30. That'S excellent, [ laughter, ] together. Fred. Thank you fred. Every morning on fox news, headlines, 24/7.

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