2020 Dems booed by own party over socialism, Medicare remarks

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 06/03/2019 08:31 PM

Former Obama Economic Council Chair Austan Goolsbee reacts to taking a more moderate position when it comes to Medicare-for-all and big government spending that may lead toward socialism. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platfor...

Let me be clear if we want to beat donald trump and achieve big progressive goals. Socialism is not the answer i was reelected. Medicare-For-All may sound good, but it's actually not good policy. Nor is it good politics. I'M telling you well. That is one way to stand out against the left's of your party. Just have a more moderate position when it comes to medicare for all, not a good idea. Your on ...
cat, it's a and when it comes to just a big government of wish list, maybe not advisable when it comes to fears that it could lead to socialism. The former obama economic council chair austan goolsbee on this i'll, see you and i hadlet's talk about this back and forth within the democratic party and where the heart and passions lie now with those respective crowds ibly. One in i think what is acog oh and one in in california, it it rides with the passionate base that doesn't light more moderated positions. What do you think? I don't know? Look you you know, i'm not i'm an economics, professor, i'm not a socialist, i'm not admired at all by by the bernie folks, the the bernie folks were in a high representation there at that convention. So you know if any candidate got up and said socialism is not the answer.

The you would imagine that those folks are going to boothem yeah. I think i would note it seemed like here's. A very minor candidate in the in the last poll i saw hickenlooper was literally at 0 % right, so i think he's not doing much much much, but those are not crazy positions to raise concerns about the cost of medicare for all or socialism. I know where i take the medicare for all. If you did it to bernie sanders way, it's very expensive. There are other ways to do it that the congressional budget office says actually save money compared to where they are now that that, if you offer a public option, for example, hickenlooper was saying something far more inflammatory. He seemed to be sayingat the when he gave the speech. We can't afford to cover everybody, so we should forget it. I don't think america agrees with that. You know when put as the met the the more the less costly, more reasonable version of medicare-for-all has about 75 % support of the american people, including the majority of republicans. So i i think this one. It was a fun sound light, but but i don't know that that necessarily represents a whole party.

Well yeah, i'm clearly not i mean that that i would. I would agree to that um. You know what we're speaking here we're getting some flashes from the st. louis fed president bullard, who is talking, i guess inchicago, not far from you, where he's saying a downward policy rate adjustment may be warranted soon: power franzia, that trade is likely the chill global investment Slow global growth and that would be presumably the catalyst for cutting rates. Now? What do you think of that? You know i wouldn't be surprised if donald trump carries out the incredibly ill, founded and bad idea of launching for five separate trade wars simultaneously. The economy will start doing worse. It will start pushing us to the brink of recession and if we start getting close to recession, i wouldn't be surprised to see the fed start cutting rates now. I don't actually think that that president trump's gon na do thati think this is, i hope, one of these bluster things where he he makes a lot of threats, but what, at the end of the day, doesn't actually carry them out all right well once closely austin. Thank you very, very much.

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