Ex-acting ICE director rips Republicans trying to block Trump

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 06/06/2019 12:20 AM

Former acting ICE Director Tom Homan on how some Republican Senators may try to block President Trump’s potential tariffs against Mexico. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. H...

Joining us tonight, tom holman former acting director of immigration and customs enforcement, fox business contributor and great american tom great to have you with us and your reaction to to the reports that mexico thinks that it's done quite enough and just wants to talk about what all. It'S currently doing, even as the number of apprehensions last month rose to a hundred and thirty six thousand ...
a 13-year high for the month of may. You know i saw the press release at the government. Mexico did and about how many people they've removed and the actual they've taken, and they basically have just about 10 %. The problem, actually that's the actual number about one in ten of theillegal aliens that transit to mexico. They did something about so look they're, not impressive numbers. They have not done anything at an extended pace. They need to do. We talked about as many times they need attracted the cartels that are managing this operation. They need to defend their southern border, they need to expand the migration protection protocol, they haven't done squat and they need another hear talking they're talking. I want to see actions. I want to see them doing something.

I thought it was enough. Talk, let's see what you're gon na do: yeah the foreign minister looked like a fellow who thought he was just too cute to be in the company of us officials, blatheringalong talking nonsense, and while people are dying every day, seventy thousand people in this country died of Drug overdoses, opiate drug overdoses, doses, we are at a point where the senate undercutting this president and and the chamber of commerce, the biggest business lobby in the country telling the president they're going to sue him to stop him from securing that border. We are watching the republican party itself betray this president because they know damn well that those tariffs will work against mexico and the punishment will be quick and their consequences that they'll have to suffer will be intense your thoughts. I agree. I understand i think it's disgusting, that the republican senators want to cut thepresident off at the knees. Are they paying attention to the border? What'S happening well price they can put on national security, public safety, our sovereignty? You know it stop worrying about the lobbyists and the big companies. Let'S start working about american people and protecting our border. One thing we're not talking about and they i know they know this, but let me say it again with the numbers y'all today, the borbon show of 46 percent of borba colleges are not on the line. There are holes on that border if you're in the world, and you want to harm this country if you're a terrorist once it comes united states and do us harm you're, gon na enterthe country. The same way, 12 to 20 million people have done it. You'Re not gon na buy airline ticket. There'S not too many background checks.

You'Re not gon na try to get a visa there's a lot of checks after 9/11. On that you're going to use the same route to 12 to 20 million illegal aliens use and right now the border is porous. It'S open, it's not controlled is borracho set itself. Today, 40 to 60 % of orbital agents are not on the line. This is a national security crisis and god help us if we don't step up and do something quickly, because they're that these these republican senators and the democratic party gon na find themselves on thewrong side of history. If something terrible happens to this country, you know, and when i watch cornyn and grassley and the whole bunch of the republican leadership do we have do we have this picture of the republican leadership in the senate? I would just like to show this audience these folks who, who pretend they are leaders taking responsibility to the people who put them in washington dc again. Do we have that picture available? If not there, they are quite a jovial bunch, a joni ernst, a roy blount right tula to your right to left there mcconnell in the middle john barrasso, john thune, and in in the back. These are the these people are theones selling out this president, and i want every american to see just who it is that is trying to commit first of all, they're committing political suicide because they were refusing to support this president. They didn't pay much attention to what happened in the november midterms last year. Everyone who did not support this president lost their seat. That'S why the democrats are in control. It'S going to happen again and to see these people stand up and question the president.

These are the geniuses who got us in this mess tom. These are the same people who push these nonsense chamber of commerce, open borders, illegal immigration - you know by any number is just fine, it's theirpolicies that have followed and they question the president. It'S outrageous! No! I agree with you and you know it's: it's not like the democratic party isn't doing enough harm to this country. Now we got a few republicans jump on the bandwagon, but you know if you talk about a democrat, probably one. I thought about this on the way this show tonight. There'S couple of things: people the american people need to understand. The democratic leadership is not doing. They are not addressing the border. They'Re passing an amnesty plan right now for two and a half billion to enter this country illegally, so the rewarding criminal, behavior and they're doing that, rather than talking about closing loopholeson the border, it's more important than to give a reward program to 2. 5 million pounds, then To stop the deaths in the rapes and what's going on in our border and try and secure the border, if i always think they're intentionally trying to create chaos on borders, embarrasses present they added language to the fy 9. 19 appropriations bill. That say we can't take at some parents that smuggle to children - and i said more children will come children all time high.

They didn't fund ice for more family detention beds. I said more families to come. They came and now they're passing a music plan. That'S the last thing: they know they just threw gas on the firebecause. That'S what twice more people come. They all started coming after the doc up, which is a democratic proposal. In fy13, after doctor bassin 12, all of a sudden family started coming. Okay, we want to be the next operation - some recipients, it's just crazy. What they're doing that they're, not that stupid! They have to know what they're doing there. So there's a manufactured crisis, they're manufacturing it to embarrass this president in 2020 and say he failed on his number-one promise. I it is disgusting, it is terrible and i've got to say dhs right now is not responding any better under an acting secretary. Then it was responding under the previous now departed secretary of dhsi hope that changes very soon tom holman.

You, you inspire us all thanks for being here. We appreciate it and thanks for telling the truth, the american people it'll keep it up.

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