Pompeo visits Baghdad amid rising tensions between the U.S. and Iran

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/07/2019 11:18 PM

Hudson Institute senior Middle East analyst Michael Pregent on Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s visit to Baghdad and why Iran shouldn’t try to close the Strait of Hormuz. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact bot...

Wrong intentions: flaring ahead of tomorrow's anniversary of the trump administration pulling out of the iran deal us sanctions hitting hard. Now the uss abraham, lincoln carrier strike group deployed to the region. Military officials say there are multiple threat streams coming from tehran joining me now. Hudson institute senior middle east analyst he's michael preaching, michael your take on thi ...
story. Well, thanks for having me so credible intelligence results in a military show of force and a trip to iraq by secretary pompeyo, to talk to our allies to talk to iraq, a country that we want to remain pro us and, and we want to take them out Of the iranian sphere of influence, so crediblethreats, the sanctions are working and fto designation of the irgc and it's codes force. So a lot is happening right now. This regime is under pressure. It just hasn't been under since its existence in the last 40 years, yeah we're showing a shot of the secretary of state arriving in a surprise visit earlier today in baghdad, iraq to your point, here's what the according we covered business here in the markets. 19 million barrels of oil per day flows through the strait of hormuz iranian petrochemical exports passed through through that same straight. Would iran really shoot their own feet up and cut their own throat if they shut that strait? What do you think well, theycouldn't shut it down. They couldn't keep it shut down, but you're right. They actually hurt themselves if they do this.

The difference between the iranian navy, shutting down the straits of hormuz and a designated terrorist organization shutting down the straits of hormuz gives our us military, more options. And i think that's what we're seeing with the movement of this carrier group into the region and also a bombing a bomber capability into the region as well. All right. We do know that iran back groups really attacked our servicemembers once that they're they're responsible for killing hundreds of american servicemembers from 2003 to 2011. But sir, then we have iran on the same side against the fightagainst isis. Your take on that well in the fight against isis in iraq. They literally punished the sunni population of iraq, under the guise of fighting isis in we've, yet to see the iranians and their proxies actually take on isis they've taken on the al-qaeda unit. Jabhat al-nusra, but you know iran is doing a lot in the region, their destabilizing force, and we need to counter that. I need your reaction to the iron dome. Israel is saying the iron dome worked, that it shut down more than 250 rockets shot from the gaza strip by islamic jihadists. What'S your take on israel's iron dome, it does it work, it does work. What they do is theydecide, which rockets are actually being guided and could actually hit civilian areas or infrastructure, so they prioritize those rockets.

A lot of these rockets are dummy rockets and they tend to let those go into dead space. The the critical component of the iron dome is to again identify those guided missiles and take them out and allow the aeron ones to just go without expending any resources. Micro preachin. Thank you. So much for joining us er come back soon.

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