Trump administration remains hopeful after U.S.-China trade talks end in 'no deal'

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/10/2019 08:38 PM

FBN’s Edward Lawrence on the trade negotiations between the United States and China. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. Headquartered in New York — the business capital of th...

Yeah friday, they wrap up. They wrapped up a couple days of negotiations in washington, you're, seeing pictures of the chinese vice premier li aha, not making any promises, as he left the trade talks with the treasury secretary, steve medusa and the trade representative robert light heiser. Earlier today, the tariffs on 200 billion dollars of chinese goods are officially up to 25 percent. Let'S ge ...
to the white house now and edward lawrence who's been all over this and joins us with the the latest edward. It kind of now seems that china is on the clock. Chinese sources are telling us that the treasury secretary told vice for me lyoha that they have about four weeks nowuntil everything else. The china imports into the united states is under a 25 % tariff. The president says: that's about 325 billion dollars worth of items now. The vice premier told us that the talks went fairly well. He says those talks will continue in the future, although there is no schedule at this point of when those talks will continue. It was a cordial smile today, as the vice premier arrived at the us trade representative office. It was another cordial smile, handshakes and a wave as he left the us trade representative office now sources say that the u.

s. delegation are at the us delegation at dinner. Last night, the vice chairman told the u. s. that there isreally nothing more, that he could do that. It would now be up to the two world leaders to try and work this out. The experts say that they don't see this as a complete breakdown. This is not a walkout or a breakdown of the talks. That'S the good news. The bad news is obviously there were two sets of issues to be worked on. One is what the president referred to as chinese renegotiation. Sometimes the word reneging has been used as well.

The other set of issues was the remaining. You know, steve newton said, were 90 % there at one point: the remaining 10 %. In fact, the administration remains hopeful that there can be a deal atthe end of all this. The tariffs went into effect if the chinese still showed up for the trade talks with their top negotiator. Believe a deal is possible. What president trump has made clear. We think we're in a very strong position, president, indicating that there would be a phone call eventually between the two presidents there to try and possibly work this out. The ball seems to be in the chinese court right now back to you kanha all right now we wait edward great reporting, edward lawrence at the white house.

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