Bannon gives his take on the 2020 Democratic candidates

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/21/2019

Former Trump White House chief strategist Steve Bannon says former Vice President Joe Biden needs to prove that he’s not compromised by the Chinese Communist Party. Steve Bannon also weighs in on the U.S.-Iran tensions and the crisis in Venezuela. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news...

I'M back with steve bannon, who just said there is a political earthquake coming to europe this sunday, steve good to have you here: he's live in paris, france. We can see that eiffel tower there behind you. Let me ask you about 2020, though, here on this side of the pond, we were just talking about china and you've got you know joe biden out there saying you know china's really not that big a dea ...
you know. Why is president trump talking about china is? Is that the sort of party line that the democrats are gon na pursue and if so, where does that land them or joe biden? Shall i say in 2020, i don't think it'sonly the democrats there at all. I think you're gon na see some tough lines taken, but let's go to biden specifically, you know joe biden. I think joe biden's got to prove to the american people. Two things number one he's got to prove: first, he's not compromised by the chinese communist party in 2013 and president trump on last night on fox on steve hilton's show, as for this is picked up in the new york times today. He'S now calling for this off of peter schweitzer's investigations, so isis the same team of this organization iced over see years ago, that did clinton cash, that drilled down on the corruption, the corruption of the clinton apparatus. They didthe same thing on joe biden and what they found out in 2013. His son hunter, who was totally unqualified, went on a trip with him to china and then afterwards, stuck around in the bank of china, which, unlike any other central bank in the g20 reports, is not independent. Like a lot like the federal reserve of the bank of england, it reports to the government, they gave this kid 1 billion dollars and then upped it to a b in five somebody who totally unqualified to run a private equity or venture capital fund or a hedge Fund gave him 1. 5 billion dollars to invest.

It turns out. He'S invested some of that. I believe in surveillancecompanies. Some of these companies that oppress the chinese people, the hard-working chinese people, have been enslaved by the chinese communist party. Joe biden is hiding from this. He will not come forward. President trump called him out last night personally on the steve hilton show. I think it's very important. We have to understand that joe biden and his family have not been compromised. This is why this thing has gone on for so long. The chinese are great at influence peddling and we have to understand if joe biden's skirts are clean on this he's got to come forward. We got to know how much wealth his families created off of this we'd have to know why hetook a billion and a half dollars from an oppressive government and what they did with it and and and number two is.

He said the other day. Well, they're, not even strategic competitor, come on man. He'S got to he's, got to convince the american people, he's serious about this. The greatest years of geostrategic enemy we've ever had. This is an existential threat to united states of america, and now everybody understands that people. I just came back from berlin and in paris, people in europe understand it. This is not a game. This is deadly serious against and joe biden's blown it off, and people in those upper midwest states middle class, joe they're, going to understandthe joe biden looked the other way, while all the jobs got shipped to china. So i think that, as he gets really forced into the democratic primary he's going to get eaten up on china - and i think you start to see some people on the democratic party go after him now i will say something about bernie sanders. Bernie sanders had every opportunity in 2016, with all the information out there and clinton cache the book, the movie, the research site. He never went after hillary clinton, i kept saying bernie sanders had a pillow fight. It was donald trump that took a tour when i got on the campaign.

We went after taylor clinton every day, onher corruption and her incompetence and bernie sanders and bernie sanders all the supporters that were so disappointed. 16. They ought to get on bernie sanders every day and asked. Why is bernie sanders not on joe biden's being compromised by the chinese communist party? As you look at that landscape, who would you say, is the the biggest threat for donald trump in 2020? Well, listen since i think these elections now not about persuasion but mobilization and looking off of 18, where they did a great job. Remember in the house races they beat us 52 46. I think they got six or seven eight million votes more 18, as should be studied in detail. It'S about mobilizationthey have some terrific young candidates, but nobody's broken out, and i think one of the reasons they're in single digits is carla. Harris mayor, pete beto across the board they're running like the running for student council president. You know they're not talking about china they're, not talking about iran, they're, not talking about venezuela. This is a very dangerous world right now and president trump has got a. He said policies going through. This is almost like the 1930 sir degree we're going through a dark valley against very tough individuals and a lot of as president trump calls them bad hombres.

Okay - and you hear these debates - you, his peoples like it's like the united states, existsin an island that is not the case. I think we're kamala harris and mayor pete and these others to get any traction. You have to say, if you have to remember you're running, to be commander in chief for the greatest nation on earth, and you got to start talking about it, engaging on it right now. I think it looks like bernie and bite and bite has got to be forced in got to be forced back into the democratic primary he's. Getting a total free pass right now he's running a general election strategy. So i don't think that i don't think that the anybody's emerged yet because i don't think they're down into it enough buti think if the democrats to get more traction, what they're going to have to do is at least act as a counter. The president trump's pretty well thought through policies, particularly on china. President trump's got a very said, geo strategic plan here and you're, not hearing anything really from the democrats right now. So i think it's got to be you're going to have to see how this thing develops. Sure it's its economic, its political when we turn to iran and things are heating up with iran right now. Where do you see this heading i mean. Could this is? This? Is a president who's really kind of made a point of not wanting to engage ourmilitary and anything that might be considered? Needless, however, if provoked whole different story, so what does it mean with iran today? Well, listen, i think, remember.

President trump ran on on. We spent seven trillion dollars in the middle east on wars that we didn't win the american people. The reason, one of the reasons he's propped the president of states is about this. Man is declined by the elites president trump's, not an isolationist america first does not be, and you know, although all the people in the democratic part of the opposition parties, i he's not isolationist he's non interventionist because we saw were intervention got us in the last twenty Years and president trump, i thinkin, venezuela and iran, i think, is to his ideas and i think what he's thinking through is the right way to go. He put economic sanctions on it. If we put secondary sanctions, i think you could break the mullahs. You know, as a young naval officer, i was on a destroyer on a carrier battle group up there off of iran back in 79. During the hostage situation, i can tell you it's pretty hostile territory. I don't think i think getting ahead of ourselves. Militarily is not the way to go, i'm a big believer in non-intervention, but i'm a big believer in peace through strength and taking it to people when you have to take itto them like in china. I think iran, president trump, had the right plan. I don't know what the advisory thing is.

I know what i read in the papers and some of the scuttlebutt i hear, but i think president trump has now got his vision of what he wants to do in iran. I don't think there'll be a military conflict there. I think there'll be a lot of saber rattling. I think the same thing in venezuela. These are situations that i don't think the american people want us directly involved in, although they want them handled and president more fair, because it's a business met better than anybody. I know it's a past that i don'tthink anybody would want to go down to risk lives. I'Ve always said i'd rather lose. You know dollars then lives and there's a lot that can be done with economic sanctions, but we've got to report out tonight that the russians are out there trying to restructure. Venezuela is debt and, by the way, there's some a ton of oil to us right now. Their oil sales are way up. Why? Because we can't take any from venezuela so as you think about strategically the western hemisphere. Obviously, we don't want to be using our military in any way shape or form, but how do we get some kind of resolution there so that we have some kind ofrelationship with venezuela and look i mean it's got oil that would rival saudi arabia's actually proven reserves In the orinoco region of one third, more than saudi arabia look, russia is a troublemaker they're always going to try to be causing trouble right.

A china is the one to worry about it. China is also getting involved down there. Obviously, cuba, i think at first it's the frontline nations, its brazil, its colombia. You have to do this in partnership. You know we have to clean that. We have to clean this type of stuff up, but we can't do it with military intervention. I think actually the situation happened a couple of weeks ago. I think, what's embarrassingand, i don't think the united states should be involved in things like that. We have to have a very well thought through thing, because here's what's going to happen when civil society implodes in venezuela, the payback, i think, is going to be pretty horrific. You'Ve had the chavistas you've had there's a very troubled society right below the surface. We have to be very careful. What we doing we have to have buy-in by the frontline nations have to have bowls.

Inaud are in brazil. We have to have the the populist in colombia on our side has to be a well very well thought through plan. Here'S! My big concern about the interventionist they're, very good atgetting us in the situations they're, not so good about thinking through about how you hold and they're, certainly not very good about getting out. I think venezuela takes a lot of thought, but absolutely you know we have to be involved. We got ta do in a reflective way. I don't think backing some guy with the bullhorn and nine soldiers in back room is the way to go. We have to be very, i think, the pressure ports show that the president is saying well, let's think this through. Let'S think that venezuela through and let's think iran through very very thoroughly and let's, let's use our economic power to bring back or bring about a resolution. That'Ssomething he certainly knows how to do steve. It is great to talk to you. I really appreciate your joining me tonight. Trish well trish.

Thanks for having me on good stuff, steve danon live from paris.

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