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Published: 12/21/2019 05:44 AM

Universal healthcare has been among the most important topics in the presidential debates. NBC News’ Dr. Alok Patel sat down with New Yorkers to discuss what they think about healthcare in America. » Subscribe to NBC News: » Watch more NBC video:

Universal health care was a hot topic last night's debate, but how do americans really feel about their medical care? In the latest installment of office hours? Dr. alec fatale sat down with people here in new york to discuss [ music ] [ music ]. We have a crisis in this country, we have almost 30 million, uninsured americans and probably even more, who are underinsured, meaning they don't have th ...
coverage they need. Now people hear the term medicare for all, and some may think that is the major plan and that's what we're going for were truth, be told, there's many different versions of it. Medicare right now is a plan for people who are 65 and older and a lotof. These plans are talking about expanding that, while some are talking about getting rid of every single private insurer and just having medicare others are talking about medicare expanded, but then having the option of other private insurers. Before we get to that, we have to find out what people actually think. Do people actually want it, because here's the thing it's not gon na be free. We got to find a way to pay for it, so i want to know: does the average person like their insurance and not care about covering everyone else? Do people want to see single-payer coverage? Do people actually know what medicare for all means? So, let's get after it see what peoplethink nice to meet. You welcome to office hours, we're gon na chat about an important public health topic. Do you have health insurance right now i do, but as a recent, so i went a year and a half about health insurance. Can i ask why you don't kind of expensive coverage here? My mom's benefit, i'm still with my parents on my parents plan.

It'S too expensive to carry it without an employer. Ya know what your plan under your mom covers. I know i have medical benefits and dental over here as well, but and be honest. I haven't gotten to an eye doctor, so i just we just won't. Let the optometrist or watching, watch you knowi'm, gon na, say it phrase to you, and i want you to give me like your gut response to what i said medicare for all it done right, yeah i like it, i'm gon na say i don't know. I think it's kind of like a i mean, i think it should be a basic human right to have access to healthcare. I mean it's just nice to have like not have that stress of not learning rest worrying about it. Yes, especially if you have a young, family and you're, you know trying to raise kids and all like you know: that's stressful and financially, stressful and emotionally. So we have almost 28 million uninsured americans right now. So littlenuts have you look at if you look at 50 of the most developed countries in the world, we're the only one that does not yet have universal health coverage ad side view we need to get people, you know, there's private plans out there or there's a Single-Payer they're gon na cover everything everyone will be covered, no stress, but we're gon na raise your taxes a little bit of that. Would you are you cool with that? You care i'm cold. I mean the way i see is we're gon na be making money till the day we die, so if you're taking five percent more or a little bit more money out of my paycheck just to help othersout to help me and my community, i'm okay with that.

Thank you, you're saying. Oh thank you. You know we already pay a lot in taxes and for everyone to help pay. Let'S say: okay, i'm just gon na say no, no, fair, fair, some people. I talk to don't actually know that. There'S like nine or more different versions of medicare-for-all or different bills, or acts that are out there. People, like you like me, like everyone, needs to make sure they're looking and they realize that it's not just one bill a lot of different iterations and we all need to read folk taavi yeah tommy. Where are you from from buffalo no from spain from spainyeah awesome? You'Re just visiting new york, yeah yeah super cool. You look like a healthy guy yeah. Do you have health insurance in spain? Wait? Yes, we have health insurance in spain. Despite there's a public health included within our rights in spain, i've got my own private insurance. So in spain the there's a right that everyone can have health insurance, but you also have a private plan.

Yeah, that's a point! So what would you say to people who say i am healthy and i don't want to pay for other people who might be sick. Well, first of all, i think they should consider that they then know when they are going to become sheikh becausenobody can find out when you are going to feel wrong. I got diabetic eight years ago and before that i felt myself very healthy, very healthy, guys, working out always running around, so i didn't even know that i was going to become sick and luckily, luckily in our country we have, we pay some taxes which are directly Addressed to provide this full coverage for everyone in the culture, and i really think that the investments that the government is giving to their population must be basically focused on helping and health and education yeah. And then we can save a lot of money and create a great society. I like that. Hey nbc news viewers, thanks forchecking out our youtube channel, subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch. The latest interviews show highlights, and digital exclusives thanks for watching.

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