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Unseasonably warm Christmas day weather across much of the U.S. U.S. officials bracing after North Korea’s ominous warning of a ‘Christmas gift,’ no Christmas service at Notre Dame Cathedral. Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings...

This christmas night on alert us five flames reportedly flying over north korea after the country's leader promised a christmas surprise. President trump now says about the threat holiday weather extremes. A white christmas in california record highs in the midwest feels like summer, any minute, 70 degrees in kansas and up next, the rain and wind maker set to sweep the country as holiday. Traveler ...
, try to get back home in need of a miracle. The head of notre dame admits: there's only a 50 % chance. The cathedral survives after this year's devastating fire for the first time in centuries, it could not post christmas mass, a royal holiday. The queen's annual speech hints at a bumpy year, ascameras capture prince andrew entering today's private church service as he tries to lay low, but it's the young royals who steal the show, plus the ultimate gift signing a christmas tag. Mom. I never realized that that would make bring tears to my eyes. The nurse, the patient and a dream come true: [ music ] as nbc nightly news with lester holt good evening and merry christmas, i'm kristen welker and for lester. We begin with the mounting tensions over north korea and its nuclear program. Tonight the united states is making a new move reportedly flying four surveillance planes over the korean peninsula.

It'S an apparent response to that country. Warning of a christmas surprise. President trump undoubtedly trackingthe developments from his mar-a-lago resort in florida, where he's spending the holiday, our chief white house, correspondent, hallie jackson, has the very latest from west palm beach tonight. Us officials tonight bracing for new aggression after north korea's ominous warning of a christmas gift and today deploying four american surveillance planes over the korean peninsula. According to south korean media reports, the pentagon has not responded to nbc news requests for comment. It comes as there's increasing concern over what pyongyang's plotting, like, perhaps a long-range missile launch soon. That hasn't happened since 2017, when kim stops testing those rockets during a window of diplomacy with president trump, the president, now publicly playing down concerns over a potential testbut pledging to respond. If and when it happens, we'll find out what the surprise is and we'll deal with it very successfully and see what happens? The now impeached president bracing for a fight on another front as negotiations remain at a standstill over the details of a senate trial. Considering whether to remove him from office house speaker, nancy pelosi says she won't send the articles of impeachment to the senate until she's, confident there will be a fair trial, top republican mitch mcconnell calling the delay absurd and the president railing against democrats and pelosi all week. She'S doing a tremendous disservice to the country, she's not doing a good job. It'S no crime! There'S no nothinghow. Do you a peach yet no crime? Well, i don't feel like i'm being impeached because it's a hoax, it's a setup.

It'S a horrible thing they did, but on this christmas day a more topical tone and message on behalf of the entire trump family. We wish everyone a joyous and merry christmas and halle joins us now from south florida. So halle were also getting word of a key republican, senator who's, signaling she's, uncomfortable with how mitch mcconnell has been handling the impeachment process. What can you tell us, you're right, kristen, we're talking about senator lisa murkowski of alaska, a key moderate voice. She now says: she's disturbed by senator mcconnell's comments, promising total coordinationbetween republicans and the white house in an impeachment trial. It'S a sign of at least some dissent in the gop ranks, but it is still early in the process and, ultimately, democrats would need more republicans to break ranks in order to, for example, determine procedures like whether witnesses can be called kristin hallie jackson. Thank you for that across the country now christmas of weather extremes with record high temperatures in some areas and a winter system that could mean trouble for holiday travelers as it moves east steve patterson is tracking it all in a rare holiday twist. One of the few places across the country - crime for a white christmas this year was california, the snowfell steadily in the mountains, with up to two feet expected in some areas making for a skiers paradise. In fact, much of the masa nationwide was in the usually mild west heavy snow in the grand canyon and a christmas day rain in phoenix for the first time in ten years. Meanwhile, across the midwest good morning and we are going to be warming up today, it was freakishly warm it's beautiful. I mean i'm a little warm just wearing liz in chicago. It came close to the warmest christmas in a hundred 47 years.

Bonnie hall says it's one of the strangest things she's ever seen. I haven't seen a christmas like this and i'm 60. Most ofthe region is blanketed with unseasonable heat, with some of the highest christmas temperatures in years from kansas city to st. louis to louisville, all at or near 70 degrees, a far cry from southern california, where many are bracing for the worst flash flood watches are in Place with powerful winds and heavy rain on the way across the region, all just a few days after the area was pounded and as it holiday weekends, the california storms will clear out barreling east hitting the plains from minnesota to texas, bringing temps back down to reality. For the midwest and potential headaches for travelers heading home and the biggest concern for the storm that is expected to strike injust the next few hours now is exactly what you see behind me. These areas show badly scarred and burn from the recent wildfires that we've had priming the hillsides for potential mudslides which could come tonight. It all depends really on how much sustained rain we get again over the next few hours, kristin all right, steve patterson. Thank you for that report. The remains of an american soldier killed in combat in afghanistan returned home. This morning, top military officials attended the dignified transfer ceremony of 33 year old sergeant, michael j goble at the dover air force base in delaware. The taliban has taken responsibility for the attack that killed. Google, the texas father, whose girlfriend wasfound mysteriously murdered shared a photo on facebook, showing him back with his daughter.

Baby margo was reunited with her father this week after she and her mother, heidi broussard went missing earlier. This month, broussard's friend had been arrested and charged on two counts, including kidnapping. As the world celebrates christmas tonight, we are learning startling, new information about the notre-dame cathedral and its struggle to come back after that devastating fire. In april, erin mclaughlin has more around the world. The faithful gather millions celebrates at the vatican my people around a little kitty kitty, still pope francis calling for peace, saying change begins from the heart, but in the heart of paris, there's sadness for the firstchristmas in over 200 years, the beloved notre-dame cathedral is dark, said Parisians celebrate across the river send in another gothic church next to the louvre. Its new worry, no true dom in its entirety might not survive cathedral rector says: there's, maybe a 50 % chance it'll be saved. Eight months ago, the world watched in horror as a blaze tore through the roof conic gothic spire gone now. Officials warned the cathedral still vulnerable prior to the fire. Hundreds of tons of scaffolding were put in place, part of a renovation effort. Now there's concern it could come crashing down on the already fragile structure the government's goal to reopen by 2024 in time for the paris olympics, butthe rector says until the scaffoldings removed. They won't know what the cathedral can be saved. Real friends we're gon na try to rebuild that's twice before, because it's simply so tonight in paris, determination and prayer, knowing it could be years before they find out.

If this christmas wish can come true, erin mclaughlin, nbc news and in england tonight the royal family celebrated christmas at the queen's country estate, but there were a number of family members who were not there. Molly hunter is in london with who was missing and who stole the spotlight queen elizabeth, leading the charge surrounded by most of her family, but it was little princess, charlotte's, stealing the show with her big brotherprince george, their first time at the traditional christmas service, alongside their Parents waving and hugging well-wishers prince andrew the queen son keeping a low profile in the wake of that sordid scandal. He opted for an earlier private church service with his brother, prince charles and their father 98 year-old prince philip released yesterday from four nights in the hospital. Staying out of public view and prince harry and megan markel also absent spending christmas in canada with megan's mom, a friend of theirs posting this christmas card online, a picture she says she took with little archie front and center, but i think it's actually quite a smart Move on harry and megan's behalf, they can have theirprivacy that they clearly so yearn for the queen's family, huddled around the television this afternoon to watch her annual christmas message and keen watchers of the crown may have noticed. She started with the 50th anniversary of the moonwalk millions of a set transfixed to her television screens just weeks after the netflix series featured those astronauts visiting buckingham palace. It'S a reminder for us all. The giant leaps often start with small steps. She talked about helping others and acknowledge the bumpy year on her desk, a nod to family unity. Well, outside this christmas day, the royal line of succession, also in full view the queen, spoke a lot about the next generation as we close outthe decade and christen. This was the first christmas for generations all celebrated together, kristen molly hunter. Thank you for that still ahead. Tonight, first come the gifts and now the returns.

What you need to know before your trip to the mall plus of the heroic act that saves santa's gifts just in the nick of time and a christmas prayer answered a heartwarming story about a nurse there and her new family we're back now with a postal worker. In kansas, who's being credited with saving christmas, that mailman, who has not been identified, says he was driving down a rural road when his truck caught fire. That'S when he jumped into action taking packages from the backof, his postal truck and placing them on the side of the road, the driver was able to save all the packages and the best gift. There were no reports of any injuries also tonight, while many have already received their presents. That means there will be plenty of returns, vicki wynn, now with what you need to know before you head back to the store in tonight, the price you pay after listen open. Those perfectly wrapped gifts - 75 % of us - will be heading to the return line. My mom got pajamas and they're so ugly, so we're gon na return them. Tomorrow. There was like a shirt that i got and i was looking at. I was like iwould. Never wear that, but there are things to know before you go. Oh you shouldn't have lester say you can get a gift that you absolutely love, but maybe it doesn't fit.

You need to take it back, but there's no gift receipt. So you want those products to be in perfect sellable condition if at all possible, that means saving whatever you can tags packaging even hangers could help you get back top dollar want to save time and return those gifts by mail watch for hidden costs. Some retailers will give you a return shipping label, but still charge you for shipping and once you ship confirm, the money goes back into your account and, if you'reheaded to the store in person, make a list to organize your take-backs and check store policies. Timing, your trip could help you avoid long lines and maximize your money back. If you can wait a little bit after january, 2nd the crowds will be thinner, the lines will be shorter, but you want to try to reach the window january 3rd through january 15th, because after the 15th, some stores will not accept returns and give you the full Credit and with the added inventory from all those returns, that's also when many new sales will kick in vicki wynn, nbc news, new york, great tips as you head to the stores, we're back in a moment with astory about a meeting at a hospital that changed not Just one but two lives forever in florida: santa's glided in not on sleighs, but on surfboards. Nearly six hundred servers dressed as santa participated in the florida surf. Museum'S annual fundraiser proceeds go to help cancer patients and today more than forty thousand dollars were raised all this week. We'Re updating some of our favorite stories from the year in tonight's inspiring america. Two separate lives who are now one happy family, kristen dahlgren has their story for liz smith. Wrapping gifts with her daughter is a dream. Come true. She'D always wanted to be a mom, but time had gotten away from the 46 year old nurse ivfdidn't work and then a chance encounter at work.

As soon as i met giselle, something clicked - and i said you know what she needs me and i need her, and i can do this behind those beautiful blue eyes. A little baby in need born prematurely suffering from withdrawal from drugs. Her mother had taken giselle needed a foster mother. When we started our journey as mom and daughter, it was something i imagined my whole life and everyday. It just got better and better. She never stops talking singing or dancing. I mean from the moment she wakes up when she goes to bed and last year after 553 days, sharing, laughter and love a judge made itofficial. She taught me to appreciate every single day. She taught me the you know: power of resilience and the power of love, love that helped liz through the tough times recently when she lost her father, giselle's papa, i'm so grateful. But i had this gift to share with him for two years and she changed his life and my whole family's life. These holidays bring new meaning to liz's family signing a christmas tag mom. I never realized that that would make bring tears to my eyes make this means mom.

Merry. Christmas is a. I love you a merry christmas. Indeed, kristen dahlgren nbc news, what a miracle that is, but when we come back lester holtwith, a very special holiday message. Merry christmas and welcome to 1a control at 30, rock normally i'd be sitting up there. The nightly news studio framed in that monitor with producers and directors in here calling out camera shots, video and graphics, as i like to say, making the magic happen. But i've come over here to turn the tables or turn the camera, if you will, unlike teammates, whether it's me or jose or kate, on the weekends sitting in that chair, we are backed by a formidable and dedicated group of journalists working here in the us and Across the world on this christmas night, i'd like to say thank you to all of you for joiningus each night and i'm proud for you to meet our team. [ music, ], [ music, ], hey nbc news viewers, thanks for checking out our youtube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch. The latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for watching.

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