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69-car pileup injures dozens and shuts down Virginia highway, emails show discussion of withholding Ukraine aid after President Trump call, and Great Abaco Island struggles months after Hurricane Dorian. "[Description] Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (...

Breaking news tonight: the holiday travel mess a massive 69 car pileup in virginia shuts down a major highway rain and winds lash both coasts and troubles at the airports. Bus is catching fire at lax and the baggage claim chaos at one major hub. The newly revealed emails that could be key in an impeachment trial. What happened immediately after the president's controversial call with ukraine's lea ...
ers new details in the case of the murdered texas mob from people who know her and know the friend, they believe tried to steal her baby. Yes, she fooled us all why the infant is now in foster care its deadline day for getting online gifts to people before christmas, as newdata shows shipping delays are way up. This season fedex truck on fire just one of the problems and there's good news tonight, the nutcracker ballerina, with an inspiring message of perseverance, this holiday season. This is nbc, nightly news with kate snow good evening, if you're not already where you want to be for the holidays. This week, you may want to listen up. The number of americans heading to airports, train stations and hitting the road is up over last year's holiday season and those millions of travelers are already running into ice freezing fog and rain across the u. s. Nearly four thousand flights were delayed today and there were frustrating situations at a couple of major hubswe begin with morgan chesky tonight.

The holiday travel rush brought to a scary halt on virginia roads, a nearly 70 car chain reaction accident, shutting down interstate 64 in both directions. Near williamsburg i got on my car and i went to assisted a woman who's like was penned inside parador brae halliwell captured this video after his car slid on black ice crashing into the massive pile of halliwell somehow walked away, while crews took 51 others to nearby Hospitals, we do not know the cause of the accident at this time that we do have positive factors which is heavy fog and icy were conditions that move this by potentially dangerous weather. More than a hundred millionamericans opting to drive to their holiday destinations at least four million people are under flash flood watches across the southeast, where a storm systems expected it up heavy rain and bring with it. Gusty winds, major travel hubs, miami in atlanta already expecting delays, but mother nature isn't the only problem at lax this fiery scene caused a traffic nightmare flames, torching three empty passenger buses, dropping a fast response, but fortunately no flight delays over the next two weeks. Air travel nationwide expected to jump nearly five percent, with eerily 7 million people planning to fly between now and new year's day in seattle, the issue was short staffing: a lack of baggage handlers led to some missingflights bad and waiting hours for answers. Morgan with christmas. This week, how do things look as the week goes on? Well. Okay, today is the first full official day of winter. Here in atlanta, the rain is coming down in the conditions gusty, but if you're traveling on thursday, the day after christmas was triple aces, should be the busiest of the travel season. Well, the good news is is that the national forecast is calling for a warm-up so that drive home could be feeling like downright autumn. Okay, okay, morgan! Thank you. There'S new information tonight about that fateful day.

Last july, when president trump called ukraine's president asking for a favor that of course led tolast week's impeachment and we're now getting a first look at a trove of internal emails sent by white house officials that very same day, which could come into play in a senate Trial kelly o'donnell with the details in a search for impeachment evidence senate democrats seized upon newly released documents. This email is explosive, a top administration official one that we requested is saying. Stop the aide that email discussed the suspension of military aid to ukraine, part of 146 heavily redacted pages obtained by the center for public integrity, written on that same july day, when president trump raised the issue of a favor to ukraine's president solinsky seeking an investigation of The biden's just 90 minutesafter that call that prompted impeachment. It was a great goal, not just a good call. It was a perfect call. Everybody said it was perfect: a white house budget official sent an email verging budget and pentagon aides. Please hold off sending to ukraine. Nearly four hundred million dollars of us aid approved by congress pending direction, michael duffy, adds given the sensitive nature of the request. I appreciate your keeping that information closely held to those who need to know senator amy klobuchar questioning why the secrecy? What a great question? That'S a question i want to have answered, but today administration officials push back, there's nothing new in these emails about the timing, truly chuck therewas a lot of emails in back-and-forth exchanges about timing. This the aim was released. The white house budget office says the military hold was announced internally a week earlier july 18th, a spokesperson telling nbc news to pull a line out of one email and fail to address the context is misleading and inaccurate and kellie's with us. Now, how would these emails potentially be included in a senate trial? Well, kate democrats argue it should, because it shows that there are other officials with knowledge of the when and how behind withholding ukraine aid, who could be called to testify as witnesses, but republicans countered that it is not the senate's job to do.

New investigating, after thehouse has already voted to impeach, so the stalemate about what kind of trial continues: kate all right: kelly o'donnell at the west palm beach florida for us. Thank you. Let'S go overseas now to north korea and new evidence. The country could be getting ready to test more nuclear weapons. Satellite photos show increased activity at a missile factory there, and that has us officials on edge molly hunter reports. The reclusive strongman kim jeong-hoon meeting with his top military officials as the u. s. braces for the christmas gift threat promised by north korea. Us officials track in north korea's actions hour by hour, ready for a test of a long-range missile capable of reaching the u. s. Today.

Wehave. Very high levels of readiness and the model for the u. s. forcing in korea's fight tonight tonight, new evidence that test is imminent. Commercial satellite photos are showing improvements to a facility associated in the past with ballistic missiles, including a temporary structure that could accommodate a launcher arm. Recent diplomatic talks have faltered, and earlier this month, kim jong-un mounted a white horse, climbing the country's tallest mountain signaling. He was making an important decision. A war with north korea could cause hundreds of thousands of casualties and the option of sanctions on the north korean regime has been all but exhausted. So if north korea does go forward with a test, what does that mean for thediplomatic talks with the us? Okay, president? Trump has hailed this as his signature. Foreign policy achievement and experts say that a now could signal the final breakdown of diplomatic talks. Okay, all right thanks so much in chicago. The mayor is appealing to the public for any information following an overnight shooting that injured 13 people.

It happened at a house party which was a memorial for someone else who had died by gun violence. One person of interest is in custody. Now the shooting marks another grim statistic: more people were wounded in last night's gunfire than in any other single shooting in chicago since 2013. We want to revisit a big story from 2019 now, nearly fourmonths ago, one of the strongest hurricanes to ever make landfall destroyed great abaco island in the bahamas. Officially 70 people died, but hundreds more may have perished and as kerry sanders reports, the situation for survivors is still dire. Great abaco island today looks much like it did the day after hurricane durian, even the police station is frozen in time. They clean up extremely slow going. There'S nothing left, survivor june, russell likens, the emptiness here to another ghost town. This is like chernobyl, like so many survivors. Her family was torn apart by durian. Her 19 year old son now lives in nassau, her 13 year old daughter on another bohemian island. We feel forgotten and whereis the bohemian government in your mind, not here it's taken more than three months for the bahamian government to set up trailers for its employees.

Who will manage the recovery? A mega storm with a hundred eighty three mile-per-hour winds and a 23 foot? Storm surge destroyed the power company, the water and sewer systems? Schools? Not one structure was spared. Yes, we are definitely in the mother of all cleanups by some estimates. In just two days, dorian created 30 years worth of garbage right after the hurricane i reported from this spot a neighborhood known as the mud, the damage then nearly impossible to describe. I really hope i don't see anything worse than this because itis such devastation, we have come upon in this bohemian bodies that are exposed. Those who survived the hurricane here and are still on great abaco are living the most desperate of lives if it were not for the american charities, the sustained misery would be intolerable. Water mission turned salt water to drinking water, but at a cost throughout now we're running at about seven dollars together: seven dollars a gallon for fresh water, listen world central kitchen has served more than 2. 1 million free meals. Global empowerment mission has been here to, as they were, four fires in california, a cyclone in mozambique, the destruction of the amazon in each case, disasters tied to global climate change, theyare consistently described as the worst ever the world's changing, and we got to get ready for Thomas and jackie williams, with a baby boy due in just weeks, the future is unknown, but with all the joy of a boy who's coming you're living in a tent yeah, we don't have any place. We can do it great abaco. Only a hundred forty five miles from florida, but for the foreseeable future, a world away, kerry sanders nbc news marsh harbor, the bahamas, bring up the missing mom in texas, murdered as part of a possible baby. Sanchi bought new questions tonight after why the infant is about. Why the infant is now in foster care? Also, you besure.

Your gifts will be shipped in time for christmas, we're back with new details in the shocking case of the texas mom, who was murdered last week, her baby snatched and a friend charged in the crime. Now questions about where the infant will go next, sam brock reports, heidi broussard's, family and loved ones, are trying to process the sordid shocking details of her death. That appears to involve one of her oldest friends, make it humphrey way design a phone for probably 45 minutes. Tim miller is a family spokesperson who specializes in missing persons cases. He spoke to the suspect all of last week. She had me convinced when i talked to her and and iafter, i hung up talking whether that was the last person a world. I expected that could possibly have anything to do with it so yeah she told us off. Last thursday investigators uncovered broussard's body in the trunk of a car on humphries property, heidi's three-week-old baby margot found alive inside the houston home tonight. A family spokesperson tells nbc news. Margo'S now in foster care, as they await the results of dna testing, to confirm it's her and aluminate who the father is heidi's, boyfriend, shane, carey or someone else friends, say humphrey now, charged with kidnapping and tampering with a human corpse stood in the delivery room. When heidi gave birth and even spoke of her ownpregnancy, putting out a baby registry listing the same due date as heidi's, something that struck her close friends as odd, do you believe that the suspect was ever pregnant if she did lie about her pregnancy? Why would someone lie about a pregnancy, nbc news reached out to humphreys court-appointed attorney sunday? So far we haven't heard back. Austin pd is leading the investigation and hasn't responded to any questions about a possible motive.

This as the family prepares for a vigil tomorrow, night sam brock, nbc news austin up next we're switching gears. Does that two-day shipping promise really mean who gets we get there by christmas and in question and touchdown how bowens bill fated space missionended today, [ music, ] boeing, starliner spacecraft is back a touchdown in new mexico this morning it was a smooth landing for the unmanned Mission but overall kind of a fail for boeing. The starliner launched last week to bring supplies to the international space station, but an error sent it into the wrong orbit. Well, did you wait until the last minute again to shop for christmas with just two days left some retailers are promising. They can still get your gifts delivered in time, but after a lot of delays this season, can you really count on it? Here'S kathy park, let the holiday shipping scramble begin fedex ups and the postal service are an overdrive to get deliveriesat your door before christmas. We have a much shorter holiday shopping season, so i think that's what's causing this last-minute shopping bottleneck today is walmart's big deadline for last-minute online orders. Amazon prime members also have until today for free deliveries by december 25th, while retailers like best buy, are offering nex a shipping on certain items for those who wait until tomorrow to buy the good news for carriers. More customers are shipping up 21 % this holiday season. Over last year, the bad news for shoppers, their track record of delivering on time is getting worse down. 12 percent this season. According to the delivery software company, convey what are the chances. Are you confident that all ofthese packages will make it on time, i'm assuming all for christmas right? Well, the stuff? That'S going to be local, but the stuff? That'S you know fur for outside of the city.

It'S gon na be a different story. You know just like any business. We face the challenges as far as weather is concerned. As far as any other natural kind of occurring circumstances so yeah we try to work with our customers as much as possible for the us postal service. Eighty-Six percent of their shipments are arriving on time. Ups, eighty percent for fedex, it's even worse, only 68 percent on time, meaning if you ship ten gifts with fedex three are likely to arrive late. Thisweek amazon told its third-party retailers to stop using fedex because of these issues. What'S to blame bad weather in early december and rare one-off events like this one last night, a fire on a fedex truck in southern california, some christmas gifts torched all right kathy. So if you really need to still ship a package for christmas, what are the absolute deadlines? Okay for ups and the postal service, that deadline is tomorrow. Fedex offers same-day delivery on christmas day, but it can get pricey depending on where your package is going. Meantime, here at the usps distribution center in midtown manhattan, hundreds of seasonal workers have it broadened to make sure that your gifts make it ontime, kate, i'm still waiting for an order kathy. Thank you when we come back good news tonight, an incredible story of determination and i had to learn to walk again.

One dancers inspiring christmas comeback. There'S good news tonight about never giving up a little girl who was told that she might never walk, dared to imagine that she could shine on stage and now she is the star ballerina in a beloved holiday classic. The role of marie in the nutcracker is a demanding physical performance requiring soaring leaps and dizzying pirouettes. Emilie caraco makes it look, effortless exhilarating it's it's really special doing. What i do as a professional ballet dancer is a dream, especially seeing wherei have come from. This is where she came from immobilized as a child in a full-body cast at age, four, she was diagnosed with stage four spondylolisthesis, a spinal condition that causes the vertebra to slip out of place, putting emily at risk of paralysis. She couldn't move for months. I think about the night terror she had while she was in that cast, she had successful surgery from there. I was in a body cast for three months and then a brace and i had to learn to walk again, but she didn't just walk. She left taking up ballet and pushing her recovery and herself to the limits. Oh, my gosh, her tenacity, her hard work, sheshe inherited. It'S got a good healthy dose of perfectionism, both of us now, 23 years old.

Emily has been dancing professionally for six years, but this is her biggest role yet the lead in the atlanta ballets nutcracker. It is a grueling schedule, rehearsing by day on stage at night, always on her toes literally and the physical pain from her childhood disorder still lingers. I find it painful, but i honestly i live with it and it's my norm this weekend as she glided gracefully across the stage. As a grown up murray, there were only two people in the audience who knew exactly how much this performance defied the odds, her parents, you won't find a harderworker anywhere and she's working hard with her body. That was not supposed to be able to do this. She'S, a christmas miracle dazzling the audience night after night living her dream, i feel very lucky to be where i am i'm in love with ballet more than ever and just like murray found her prince in the nutcracker emily found hers in the ballet she's actually engaged To another dancer that is nbc nightly news on this sunday, i'm kate snow for all of us here have a great night: hey nbc news viewers, thanks for checking out our youtube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos. Over here towatch, the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for watching.

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