Pelosi accuses Barr of lying amid dramatic Mueller report fallout

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Published: 05/03/2019 01:02 PM

Former U.S. attorney Bud Cummins on the political fallout from the Mueller report, former FBI Director James Comey, and Democrats taking on Attorney General William Barr. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact bo...

The russia investigation former trump campaign official george papadapolis, was reportedly approached by a us intelligent during the 2016 election cycle. This is according to a new report in the new york times papadopoulos commenting on the encounter with fox news's tucker carlson last night. She was very suggestive, as you can understand younger. You know very flirtatious, and i right away unders ...
ood that this wasn't a cambridge assistant and you know she barely spoke english. He was very flirty and was trying to do two things. One to extract information about my professional connections in the middle east and two to see if i had any information that she could potentially extract for me about trump in russia, whichof course is nonsense. A new cnn poll shows the majority of americans. Sixty-Nine percent want congress to look into the origins of the investigation into russia's meddling into the 2016 election joining me now, former us attorney and avenue strategies partner, bud. Cummins again, when i read this new york times report yesterday, the timing of it. We know why the why all this is starting to come out. It'S a head of the inspector general's report, horowitz's report coming out in may are june, and also with the attorney general bill barr now bearing down on the investigators that you investigating the investigators. So just how many spies did the fbi run at the trump campaign? Quite franklyspying is the word and they can play word games all they want it's spying.

The question is whether it was authorized legally or wisely and ethically and - and i don't think it's going to pass muster on most of those tests. But where do you think this goes? Because there are again i here's what, when i sit back and hear the democrats again changing the narrative, there was no conspiracy, there was no cooperation based on the moller report by the trump campaign with russia. So now it's about obstruction, but why don't the democrats want to get to the bottom of this? What the basis the predicate for the initial investigation and the spine, because again ifit happened to a republican. It could happen to a democrat. Well, it's good! They don't want to get there, because it's going to point fingers at them. They they were asking they were using. They were colluding with foreign governments. There'S been reporting this week that that they ran a dnc operative in to try to get the public officials in ukraine to cooperate, to leak and to to smear paul manafort that they are the ones that that we're doing exactly what they've been accusing president trump of Doing and it appears and there's going to be investigations and i'm sure that attorney general barr is going to conduct these with the balanced approach and not use thescorched earth. The partisan approach that the moller team seemed to use and i imagine he'll, move fairly expeditiously. But there's a number of things to look at he's, going to look at him and the democrats are in a full-blown panic. That'S what kimberly strasser writes in the wall street journal today by the way, but here's a quote from her editorial - do not underestimate how many powerful people in washington have something to lose from bill bars, probe among them. Former and current leaders of the law, enforcement and intelligence communities, the democratic party poobahs, who paid a foreign national, christopher steel, to collect information from russians and deliver it to the fbi.

Government officials who misused theirpositions to target a presidential campaign, the leakers, the media. More than reputations are at risk. Revelations could lead to lawsuits, formal disciplinary actions, lost jobs and even criminal prosecution, but who's being accused of being a criminal bill. Barr house speaker nancy pelosi, commented on the attorney general yesterday and his testimony before congress. Listen to this, he lied to congress is the attorney general of the united states of america was not telling the truth to the congress of the united states. That'S a crime! Well, what is what are the democrats up to with bill bar again they're trying to shut down this investigation or smear to the point that any conclusions from the investigation into theinvestigators can be have mud thrown at them? Yeah i mean this there's. Obviously, if you look at all the rial this statements that members of congress, democrat members of congress made coming out of hearings in the last two days, every one of them used the word credibility. It'S obvious that they've got talking points. The target is no longer trump. The target is now bar because they need to try to paint bar as some kind of a politicized lackey of the president. So when these investigations roll out when possibly indictments roll out they can, they can accuse the attorney general of being too political. I don't think it's going to work but they're rolling out allthe big guns.

Hillary clinton was on tv, james, comey'he's, writing in the new york times he's going to appear, i think in a town hall on one of the other networks. Next week i mean they're coming on full force with the big guns trying to at least confuse the american public. So they won't understand what they say. One thing about, but about jim comey, that i call him the fugazi boy scout he's to the let he denies. Knowing that christopher's there's christopher steele dossier, which now is largely discredited even based on the muller report, that he didn't know that the dnc and the hillary clinton campaign paid for the dossier to be put togetherwhich was used to spy on a member a quarter-page. A member of the trump campaign he told bret baier that he didn't know that for a fact that he heard that in the media and then he was behaving in a way that suggested well. What raised the question? What are you hiding not again briefing the gang of eight in congress about this counterintelligence probe? So is he ever gon na get asked hard questions under oath again, he's done it once. I think he will and i think he should - and you know i came on your show for the first time i look back almost two years ago and i was trying to defend jim comey iwas, trying to blame all this on loretta, lynch and sally yates, and There unethical conduct - and he just made some mistakes trying to backfill. You know their lack of integrity. I can't make those excuses anymore and some of the things he said and done. His behavior after he was fired, was more like a scorned, ex-boyfriend that puts unflattering pictures of his girlfriend on the internet. I mean he was had his feelings, hurt and - and he's been acting like that ever since in his public statements.

I i'm not sure what jim comey knew, but if he didn't know that the democrats had paid for that, that really lacks some competence, because he was certainly involved indirecting that part of the investigation, the only two involved really quickly. So there are some options in terms of what democrats could do with bill barr not showing up for that that house judiciary committee hearing yesterday they could hold him in contempt, find them that detain and potentially even try to impeach him, but in terms of contempt. I'Ll point this out attorney general eric holder was the first sitting member of a cabinet official to be found in in contempt. This was over the failure to turn over documents related to the fast and furious scandal. It was criminal contempt by the republicans civil contempt by the democrats and here's what a story said then, in wiredmagazine holder held in contempt of congress, which means almost nothing so again, do you think that happens with bill bar and it means almost nothing on the list Of things bill, barr is worrying about at night. Nadler holding him in contempt is way down at the bottom. It'S it's it's a toothless threat. If the criminal contempt angle goes to the us attorney, who is barred by policy from pursuing it, the civil contempt will take years, they can send the sergeant-at-arms to try and arrest him. We'D, probably all like to see that on tv yeah, i don't think actually the television had been invented. The last time that happened in congress, but actually i don't eventhink the radio had been. I might be wrong on that, but good to see it was ready. Yet, okay, but good to see bud cummins.

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