An Update On Buddy And Reagan, The Viral Foster Child & His Beloved Canine Friend | NBC Nightly News

Channel: NBC News
Published: 12/24/2019 02:25 AM

The world first met Buddy and Reagan when their story went viral in 2016, a child who was inseparable from his foster grandparents’ dog. Almost 4 years later, both are continuing to grow in front of our eyes – as does their family. » Subscribe to NBC News: » Watc...

It'S been a couple of years, since we've seen little buddy and his furry pal regan. There was an instant bond. You can see the the love between the two of them. Both continue to grow in front of our eyes, as does their family buddies. Real name is sawyer. He now has a little sister stella, who, just like her big brother, was a foster child adopted into the family. She especially loves regan, so it ...
s fun for the three of them to kind of get together in pictures. Their adventures in friendship are a popular instagram feed with photos taken by the kids grandmother sandy. I would have never thought that an instagram account for a dog couldturn into something so big and so helpful to other people. Inspired by her growing family, grandma sandy has written books, and an annual calendar has now raised more than $ 60,000 to help other children in foster care, and you aren't seeing double there's another doodle now in the picture. Lincoln is my son's dog making it regan get to play together a lot. What began as a story about a boy and his best friend turns out to be the perfect message for the season? There'S something really special about having a companion that wants you exactly.

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