Staggering details emerge from Bezos' phone hacking drama

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 10 hours ago

Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano discusses the legality of Jeff Bezos’ being sold to by his girlfriend’s brother and the extortion trial of former Stormy Daniels lawyer Michael Avenatti. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time informatio

May want to turn into new developments this morning in the jeff bezos text scandal a wild story, federal prosecutors say that bezos is girlfriend. Lauren sanchez sent the texts to her brother, who then sold them to the national enquirer. The details revealed as part of a probe into whether the national enquirer, his parent company attempted to extort bezos joining us right now is fox news. Senior ...
udicial analyst judge andrew napolitano, judge good to see you morning and for two weeks we're talking about the saudi print. A crown prince hacking his phone now that the the fbi is not saying that the saudi crown prince did not hack the phone, but the fbi and federal prosecutors are offering another theory which they say they have evidence to support as to how these pictures of jeff Bezos and his friend ms sanchez got out there. Of course, the brother sanchez's brother saying the wall street journal. Has it wrong, and i didn't do all this he's naturally going to say that, because he still has a relationship with his sister now? Why do we care about this? Well, we care about it, because falsely reporting information to the federal government to law enforcement sources, it's a very serious issue falsely trying to pin this on a foreign national. A foreign government ahead of a foreign country is a very serious issue whatever it is, the fbi has taken it seriously, and this is a serious investigation. They usually don't show their cards midstream in an investigation nobody's been charged with anything. If this happened the way the federal government now says it happened, there's no crime, there's betrayal by the brother of sanchez's a girlfriend. These are pictures of jeff bezos naked. Yes, thanks to the text.

Yes, so if she, if she gave them to her brother, her brother was free to do with them as he saw fit without violating any criminal statute. So does the federal government care about interfamilial betrayal? No, but they do care about whether or not the report to them that the saudi prince was behind. This is accurate or not. The feds don't like to be sent on a wild, goose chase. I, by the way i heard that they were together at the alfalfa dinner this saturday night. I don't think he's mad at his girl and for sending those pictures of him to her brother. They were just at the taj mahal. I saw those pictures this morning and they're about two days to three days old. All right. There says how about this a celebrity lawyer, michael avenatti, got to get your take on this he's facing legal troubles of his own. The extortion trial begins today, he's accused of trying to extort nike for up to 25 million dollars and also allegedly defrauding a basketball coach. He represented now avenatti says he's innocent.

He is, he is saying that he's in it. Some of this and nike is denying his claims that the charges stem from retribution for a vanadis attacks on president trump well look: there is a tape of avenatti threatening nike. Now lawyers can only go so far when they demand to settle a dispute, but the the feds view a demand to settle as being extortionate when the amount demanded is totally out of proportion to whatever harm may have been caused. So where did he come up with the 25 million number he made up? Where was that 25 million gon na go most of it was going to go directly to him and maybe a pittance to the basketball coach who he at the time represented, who claimed he was corrupted or the team was corrupted by nike, giving away its product. So you demand 25 million. In a case, that's worth 25,000. The feds are going to look at it as extortion. That'S the essence of the case against him. Is he in jail? Yes, he is in jail. This is very mysterious. He was arrested by irs agents in the middle of a bar association hearing, in los angeles, intended to take his license to practice law. He went to the men's room and he never came back and they whisked him in chains across the country and the documents which formed the basis for the arrest are sealed.

We don't even know what it is. He was accused of doing that caused a federal judge in california to pull his bail, put him on a plane and ship him here he's in lower manhattan in the same building where chapo was and jeffrey epstein he's going to be brought to westchester county, which is Where the trial is, i believe, probably there already. I just want to point out that other television networks, cnn msnbc, say they love to trot him out, because everything that he ever had say was against president trump u. s. anti-trump and they couldn't see they again. They were putting this man on television as if he was well legitimate, just look at what he's looking what he's charged with this is the first. This is the first of three criminal trials that he has coming up. The essence of all of them is financial, shenanigans, extortion, stealing money from banks or clients and taxes that, of course, that's always in there. But i get to quote general chuck yeager. To paraphrase, we might be raw and and brash, but we can spot a phony before he ever says his first words yeah this this, the guy who was all over attacking president trump during the cavanaugh hearings, as well, just to see if george andrew napolitano.

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