Trump administration slams Iran with new sanctions on metals

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/08/2019 09:54 PM

Retired Navy SEAL David Sears on the Trump administrations’ new sanctions against Iran. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. Headquartered in New York — the business capital of...

Increasing pressure on iran, the trump administration issuing new sanctions on iran's steel, aluminum and copper sectors just hours after president rouhani announced the country will partially withdraw from the 2015 nuclear deal here now to react as david sears, a retired navy seal. Let me ask you: first, there are some that worry that we seem to be marching faster now towards armed conflict of so ...
e type with iran. What are your thoughts on that? No, i don't think we're marching faster towards armed conflict. I think that we're tightening the economic news, so you have to use all your instruments of national power and economics is a huge one that we can control and i think we haveto keep ramping it up on iran. What do you think of this threat for those that are still left in the iran nuclear deal? It'S sort of like nuclear blackmail, saying they're going to go back to enriching uranium and they're gon na you know back out of there half of the deal if the others don't get something together and get the u. s. in line. What do you make of that? Yeah? That'S exactly what it sounds like is nuclear blackmail and remember: iran has proclaimed all along that it was never pursuing any type of a nuclear weapons capacity and now they say, hey we're gon na reengage in get rid of the enrichment caps, get rid of thecaps on The heavy water that we have europe is gon na react. If they leave the deal, europe now has an excuse to actually leave the deal, so i don't miss. Iran is really misjudging this entire situation and i think they're overplaying what they believe their hand is. So what do you think happens from here? I mean. Obviously the sanctions are really having an impact in the sense that you know they're struggling they're reaching out they're trying to you know, put pressure on other folks.

At the same time, president trump responds by piling on even more sanctions. Where do you think this goes from here? I think iran is gon na try to get europe there's athing called instax, which is an instrument for trading with iran that europe established. I don't think it's active actually yet, but they want europe to try and give them some relief. I don't know that europe can, they would have to choose between the u. s. and iran and that's pretty easy choice. So iran is going to try and i think, wait out president trump and if he doesn't get another they're hoping he doesn't get another term if he does, iran is gon na, have to come to the table and start to comply with some of the demands yeah At the same time, we see you know president trump moving more military forces into the area and youhear about you know the fact that the u. s. uncovered a plot on the on the part of iran to strike at americans in the area that how worrisome is are Both of those moves to you, the movement of the military and there's not a big deal to me. They just up the deployment kind of dates they skip the croatian port and now they're already going to a scheduled. They were already scheduled to go into the gulf. So, that's not that big a deal.

The movement of the bombers is a little bit more of a big deal, moving the bombers over into qatar. That can help us respond now, if you see two or three carrierstrike groups heading to the gulf, now you can start to say maybe something bigger is afoot. Iran is also on the on the other question you asked. Iran is a nefarious entity and they try to irritate and exacerbate the situation wherever they can. That means afghanistan. They support the taliban and al qaeda in there they're in yemen, and they support the piracy that goes on throughout there they're in iraq, heavily influential. You know they years ago they were really the ones doing a lot of the ieds that were killing a lot of our guys, so they're gon na try some of those things, but i think that they're gon na find it's not really a great ideato test. This president, alright david sears, thank you for your expertise. We appreciate it.

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