Herman Cain: Democrats are desperate to discredit Trump

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/04/2019 12:20 AM

Former GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain on the booming U.S. economy and the Democrats’ attacks against Attorney General William Barr and President Trump. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Str...

The tropicana me is booming and by any measure our economy is roaring. The labor department today ignited the stock market with its report on april's unemployment rate that rate dropping to 3. 6 percent, that is, the lowest unemployment rate since december of 1969, an almost half-century, low 263,000 jobs added in april blowing past the projections of 185,000 wall street amazed And in the oval off ...
ce, the president today clearly elated with the news our country is doing well, never probably has done as well as it's doing right now, economically, and so we're very proud of that fact that we have an economy that maybe is the best economy. We'Ve ever had, indeed this runaway trump economy, hasthe, radical dems and the left-wing national media reeling and left only to their lies, of course, and their denials. By way of example, the washington post's ran this headline yesterday, just hours ahead of today's labor department report, quote trump faces string of setbacks to his efforts to intervene in the us economy, in quote the post in conjuring up that article. The post had to ignore a mountain, a positive data on the economy, including first quarter, economic growth, 3. 2 percent, last year's economic growth rate, three percent now speaker pelosi. Also lamely today tried to discredit these numbers. Saying quote the april jobs report number shows some promising news. Yet these gains hide the true weight. Ofthe economic uncertainty felt by millions of hardworking americans really pathetic pelosi, ignoring the 3. 2 percent average pay increase over the past 12 months.

The growth of our middle class, a middle class that shrank under eight years of president obama. Americans are prospering across the board in april. Female unemployment dropped a 3. 1 percent that is the lowest unemployment rate for women since 1953, latino unemployment down to 4. 2 percent, a record low for hispanics asian american joblessness, matching a record low of 2. 2 percent unemployment for iraq and afghan war veterans. Are you ready a record low of 1. 7 percent? The president's performance is simply truly historic, bringing good-paying jobs back to this country, the american worker onceagain prospering, and so are our families joining us tonight. Herman cain business executive from a republican candidate for president herman great to have you with us, and i am delighted to see you what do you make of these numbers this economy we're talking about a president who has added nine trillion dollars to the stock market? Nine trillion dollars lou. I am glad that you shared these numbers with the public this. The democrats, denial all starts with the denial that president trump won the presidential election, that fueled trump hate, that fueled more democrat denial and that fueled more democrat lies. They don't want to recognize these numbers because they in no way want to give thispresident credit for having the policies and the leadership that has generated this era of prosperity that we are enjoying now, and so they continue to be in the state of denial.

But the good news is that i hear from a lot of people as i travel the people that support trump and i'm looking at results. They are not being deterred and they are not abandoning ship. We must stay the course, and i believe that this administration is going to stay the course alright. This administration has already set the course and the future that i, that this president has in from the moment he decided to run for office, is clearly within our grasp. What hehas accomplished is historic. We have. There is no president in his first two years in office who has come close to this president's performance on the economy on a host of other achievements. Let'S turn to the you mentioned the denial of the radical dims. We are now at a point, it's clearly the point at which this president has. He has been vindicated by the special counsel. The democrats tried to savage. I mean it was absolutely outrageous what they did to the radical dims to the attorney general of the united states, william bar and preposterous lee, doing so as if they weren't lying through their teeth that they hadn't been lying to the american people.

Aboutthis president, about collusion about obstruction about anything that they could conjure up again, we're talking about two and a half years of lies and they're trying to call the attorney general a liar as they twist the truth and distort reality. The democrat lying started back with obamacare. Remember, although the promises we were made about obamacare and none of them came to fruition. Secondly, now we know that obamacare is a abysmal failure. They lie about that now they want to try to put the blame on the republicans and the president. That'S simply not gon na work and then trying to demagogue and destroy the credibility of attorney general barr is the only lie they have left andthat's, not gon na work. Would you adjust all the time? Let me just answer: i mean: would you if you were going to savage someone accuse him of lying when he was speaking? The truth straightforwardly had done everything in his power is a new attorney general to be transparent and to deliver the the report. The i i think, perhaps the least redacted report from any government agency - i've seen a very long time and accuse him of lying and distorting reality. I mean this. We watch maxine waters with her nonsense. We watch a blumenthal. Senator blumenthal continued to try to.

He is so filled with vile. I don't understand how they wheel him into a judiciary committeehearing it's extraordinary to watch the performances senator hirono of hawaii. Yes, who are these people? We'Ve watched them with the cavanaugh hearings? The the left has been has become a gang of liars conspirators and much much to answer for they own. A word that can describe their reaction is the word desperate. They are desperate to try and do something to discredit this president and now the attorney general. That'S the only way you can explain it, but my optimism lies in the fact that the american people who understand the results are in fact staying on the trump train. That was a poll by cnn of all people. We need to give you a competitive and i'mglad. You mentioned because we need to give sehun credit. They reported that, yes, president approval rating on the academy the highest that they had ever seen. They had a hard time saying that, but they had no assurance. That'S a james.

This was from this was from a poll that they've, basically orchestrated, and so the it says to me that the american people are not stupid. Most of the american people are not gullible, and it also says that the democrats strategy of lying and denying is not going to work with the american people long-term. It it's at an end and congressman cohen hurried that end, i think, with his stunt yesterday. Herman cain is always itis great to see you also also. We look great to see you. We want to give some credit to the new york times to forex. For the first time, it seems in a very long time acknowledging and reporting reality.

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