Netanyahu Says He Will ‘Make History’ With Trump in U.S. Visit

Channel: Bloomberg Politics
Published: 01/27/2020

Jan.27 -- Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says he will make history with President Trump in a visit to Washington this week when the U.S. leader is slated to present him with his long-awaited peace plan. Bloomberg’s Ivan Levingston reports on “Bloomberg Daybreak: Middle East.”

Give me a bit of a sense, then, of what the initial reaction has been to these pronouncements. There'S a lot of anticipation in israel over what this deal might contain. Netanyahu has been hinting that it could be perhaps the most favorable peace plan that's ever been made for israel at the same time we're in election mode. Here still, the next national vote is in about a month, and so israelis ar ...
paying close attention to how both netanyahu and bennigan's his top rival will play these meetings. Whether guns will be able to to compete with netanyahu on the global stage, so these are fateful days, we'll see what the white house proposal means and how and how affects israel's political landscape so close to the next election. Ivan we've also heard some reports that the israeli government was open to allowing israelis to visit saudi arabia. We haven't heard from the saudi government in response to that, but how controversial would that step be? Given the recent history, it's more of a formalizing of perhaps an under-the-radar reality. You know, israel has been israeli. Politicians have spoken openly about drawing closer to the gulf and they're, certainly increasing business and security cooperation ties with the arab gulf states, and so this announcement is not so much controversial as it is formalizing those uh, those increasingly close relations. The the move new israeli citizens have previously not been allowed to visit saudi arabia, and the announcement yesterday means that, under special circumstances, whether for religious, pilgrimages or business trips, israelis can now visit. Of course, it also depends on what, on you know, what kind of entries the saudis are okay with, but it's it's uh, it's more a welcome step than to be greeted with any kind of josie.

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