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Protesters storm U.S. embassy in Baghdad after airstrikes, Australian wildfires lead thousands to seek refuge on the beach, and authorities say the mother of missing Idaho siblings refuses to cooperate. Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your loca...

Tonight, breaking news us marines urgently deployed to the american embassy in baghdad after a violent attack, angry protesters storming the embassy compound setting fires and yelling death to america, but are kept away from the main embassy buildings. president trump blames iran for orchestrating the attack that follows Deadly us airstrikes thousands of police officers taking no chances in americ ...
's biggest city. On this new year's eve, we are inside the massive security operation to protect a million and a half people, while around the world. They are already celebrating the start of a new year and a new decade, the epic battle down under australia, consumed by more than 100 wild fights, thousands trying to escape the scorchingheat by hitting the beach and the water animals in a desperate fight for survival. The dramatic scene in florida after a boat slams into a jetty, the amazing rescue on the rocks and the us army, cracks down on a highly popular video and social media, app banning soldiers from using it on their government phones. tonight. The national security concerns behind the crackdown. This is nbc nightly news with lester holt good evening, i'm peter alexander in for lester.

We begin tonight with a stunning attack on the largest us embassy in the world. Angry protestors in baghdad storming the gates of the heavily fortified compound, hurling, gasoline bombs and setting fires, but not getting inside tonight, marinesare already landing on site to defend that complex and the diplomats there as president trump is blaming iran and deciding how to respond in this Escalating showdown nbc's hans nichols has the latest for us tonight. It was a sudden and brazen attack. Thousands of iranian backed demonstrators chanting death to america as they stormed the us embassy in iraq here using a battering ram to try to pierce the armored entrance. lobbing smoke bombs onto embassy grounds met with tear gas and stun grenades embassy guards watching from the roof protestors. Lighting fires, though they never got inside the walls of the massive embassy, complex tonight. , the pentagon, dispatching a hundred marines from kuwait to shore up defensespresident trump tweeting.

The us embassy in iraq is and has been for hours safe and that iran will be held fully responsible. Adding they will pay a very big price. This is not a warning. It'S a threat. The demonstrators are angry. over sunday's us air strikes against iranian militias in iraq and syria. Those strikes, retaliation for an attack on a us base that killed an american contractor secretary of state mike pompeo, reacting late tonight.

I'M confident president trump will authorize whatever it takes to keep american young men and women safe. The u. s. still has some 5,000 troops in iraq, who have been a recent target of iranian backed violence tonight, u. s. apache helicopters, shooting flaresto disperse crowds at the embassy. The fact that we are sending the marine fafsa teams and moving helicopters overhead is an indication that we are taking this very seriously and it is a very, very dangerous situation and hans joins us now. Hans. , the president is also facing another global challenge this evening from north korea. ria's dictator kim jong on yeah in a new speech kim, is warning the world that they will soon witness what he calls a quote new strategic weapon in the near future.

He is all still blasting when he is calling washington's gangster-like demands on denuclearization. Now no response from president trump to those comments. He did call the us response to theembassy attack the anti benghazi peter hans nichols traveling with the president in florida tonight hans. Thank you. Also. ! Breaking this evening, the deadly crash of a small plane near kansas city - it happened shortly after takeoff from an executive airport. The single-engine plane was on fire.

When authorities arrived, they say that both people on board were killed. It is already the new year in much of the world where people are celebrating the start of the new decade and here in new york, they're getting ready for the most famous new year's spectacle. , the ball drop in times square nbc's, stephanie gosk. Is there tonight stephanie, the police are out in force yeah? They certainly are peter youknow, the more than 1 million people that are expected here, packed into times square tonight, we'll be surrounded by layers of security. The nypd has thousands of boots on the ground. They also have officers in some of the high-rise hotels.

Everyone who comes in here gets searched among the things they can't bring in alcohol, backpacks and chairs, and that's really only naming a few of the things. There are also trucks filled with sand that are blocking all the streets that lead into the square. Now is the kind of security that people who attend an event like this expect to see the city of new york takes no chances with this more than century-old tradition. asone nypd official said this time. Square tonight will be quote one of the safest places on planet earth, peter all right, stephanie, have fun and stay safe out. There. thank you. The good news for those travelers, the weather here in new york, is above freezing and it's pretty good for the rest of the country. Too.

There is some snow around the great lakes and a pacific storm will bring heavy rain and mountain snow to the northwest. tomorrow. It'Ll turn milder for much of the country with some snow in the rockies and heavy rain in south texas. Halfway across the world. A catastrophic situation is playing out in australia, where massive wildfires are forcing thousands ofpeople from their homes. This new year's eve, more than a hundred blazes, threatening both australia's people and its iconic animals. We get more now from nbc's matt bradley tonight.

These apocalyptic scenes happening across australia, massive wildfires, creating a stunning red sky, thousands huddling on the beach desperate to escape the scorching heat from the flames pretty extreme. It was very scary everything that they just went wolf. these people sheltered in a boat enveloped by smoke over whelmed firefighters, most of them volunteers now battling some 120 separate fires as australia, caught on its military to help every living creature scrambling for safety smoke from the Bush fires closing in as a herd of kangaroos, desperately hop awayfrom the flames, and this temperature soared koalas face dehydration. This firefighter lent a helping hand, and this cyclist gave water to a koala who just couldn't drink enough. But officials said as many as 8,500 koalas amay have already died in new south wales alone. a national crisis at new year's fireworks. Amidst a firestorm, australia is uniquely vulnerable to climate change. This past year it recorded its driest spring and just a few weeks ago, its hottest day ever on record next year could get even worse, peter, just a heartbreaking, crisis.

matt bradley. Thank you now to washington, where there are new divisions tonight over the president's senate impeachment trial. Another republican is now questioning her partyleaders coordination with the white house saying that she is open to witnesses, jeff bennett reports tonight, a second republican senator now criticizing majority leader mitch mcconnell for working closely with the white house on president trump's senate impeachment trial. everything i do During this, i'm coordinating with white house counsel maine senator susan collins calling mcconnell's approach inappropriate. It is inappropriate, in my judgment, for senators on either side of the aisle to prejudge the evidence before they have heard what is presented to us. her comments, echoing alaska gop, senator lisa murkowski, also critical of mcconnell's pledge. Well, and in fairness, when i heard that i was disturbed, democrats want key white house insiders to testify as witnessesabout withholding aid to ukraine. If democrats can convince four republicans and win fifty one senate votes, they get to set the parameters and call those witnesses before a trial starts democrats looking to pressure vulnerable, gop senators like collins, who faces a tough reelection, i am open to witnesses.

I think it's premature to decide who should be called until we see the evidence that is presented collins, backing up mcconnell's view that decisions about any witnesses should wait until after a senate trial is underway, peter jeff bennett at the capitol tonight jeff. Thank you now to the latest twist in a mystery surrounding the disappearance of two siblings who vanished months ago tonight investigators are calling outthe children's own mother and her new husband for refusing to cooperate with authorities. katie back. Has the details. investigators tonight say these siblings seven year old, joshua, valo and 17 year old ty lee ryan are in danger, vanished from rexburg, idaho last seen more than three months ago. we're trying our best to stay, positive and and hope for the best for, for The kids police. now focused on the children's mother and her new husband, lori, valo and chad de bell, who they say refused to cooperate. Lori knows either the location of the children or what has happened to them. It is astonishing that, rather than work with law enforcement to help us locate, her ownchildren lori valo has chosen instead to leave the state with her new husband.

The couple married just weeks after chad de belles, former wife, died under suspicious circumstances. last fall according to authorities. Her body exhumed for an autopsy still pending last summer, valles former husband, was shot to death by her brother, allegedly in self-defense. According to police, the grandmother says she called police in november, after not being able to reach seven year old joshua, who has autism and was concerned about the couple's ties to an extremist religious group police said this. , entire investigation could have been avoided if lori and chad Had been honest, with law enforcement. , the couple's lawyer calls them loving and devotedparents who look forward to addressing allegations once they've moved beyond speculation and rumor. In the meantime, we love you, we love you tightly and please come home. continued hope that the children come home, safe, katie, boeck, nbc news in florida, dramatic overnight, rescue caught on camera, three people pulled from a boat, another was ejected after they rammed into a jetty Nbc'S kerry sanders is there tonight. ? It wasn't until first light today that rescue teams finally had a clear picture of the accident scene.

Just after midnight under cover of darkness. , four people on this 42-foot boat slammed into a jetty near fort lauderdale at port everglades. One of the passengers ejected 15 feet landing on therocks smashing her head. when they at the jetty. She definitely flew out of the boat. She was semi-conscious in the darkness with two-foot sea swells. paramedics had to time their jumps from the rescue boat to the slippery rocks. How lucky is it for anybody to have survived a collision like that, in my opinion, very lucky i mean you were flung out of a boat and you're going against the land once the jetty itself does not have warning lights, police telling us they want the captain To explain how the boat outfitted with expensive electronics missed spotting the jetty on radar investigators say they do not know if alcohol was involved, but they are conducting tests tosee.

If that was the case meantime, they say that visual should be a strong reminder. This new year's eve that drinking and boating or driving do not mix tonight the boat estimated at a million dollars will be impounded as police. try to figure out what went wrong kerry sanders nbc news for as we head into the new year, all kinds of new Laws will kick in around the country some starting tomorrow, but there is one taking effect later. This year. that's a new requirement for everyone who flies and it could snarl travel. Nbc'S. , pete williams has what you need to know. heading into 2020. 2020 brings a security requirement. First proposed in the wake.

ofthe 9/11 terror attacks and delayed year after year come on up. sir. Finally beginning this october. Anyone wishing to board an airplane flight must present a real id compliant driver's license or a passport or military id card. The newer licenses all have a star on the upper right hand, corner to show they meet the laws. tougher standards. State motor vehicle departments are required to verify each person's records, making it much harder to falsify the most widely used form of identification. So go ahead and do it now, while you can get it done too early, so you haven't, don't have any issues! On october 1st, as of january 1st, new hampshire allows residents to put xunder sex on their driver's licenses.

It'S for people who don't identify as male or female it's legal to possess small amounts of marijuana in illinois and michigan, bringing the number of states that allow recreational use to 11. One of them is nevada employers. There cannot refuse to hire someone who tests positive for marijuana in washington. state parents must put children under 2 in a rear-facing car seat and children over 4 must use a forward-facing harness seat until they're four foot, nine, which will include many in middle school. It gives them just a little extra boost to keep the belt the seat belt and the right spots so right over their shoulder and right. Over theirlap companies in california cannot discriminate against their employees, who have racially associated hair. Styles. supporters of the new law say they were outraged when a referee forced a black wrestler to cut his dreadlocks or forfeit the match, and the first of the year means no more single use plastic checkout bags in oregon, except for buying fish meat and taking home.

The dry cleaning, pete williams, nbc news washington in just ahead for us tonight why the army has banned an incredibly popular social media, app also a breakthrough in a decades-old cold case. How modern science in a search for family ties help solve the mystery in a cave and our visit with former president jimmy carterstill on the job but ready to pass on his legacy of building homes to some big stars stay tuned tonight, the hugely popular social media. App tik-tok has been banned by the u. s. army citing national security concerns. we get more from nbc's gotti schwartz in videos around the world. us soldiers have been posting pic talks about everything, from training to active duty to homecomings, but tonight word from the army and Navy. the tic-tock, seen as a cyber threat, is now banned from all government devices and while soldiers can still use tik-tok on their personal phones, it's discouraged an about face after recruitment campaigns on tik-tok trying to reach a younger audience. This account is topeople.

Who are me, meanwhile? Congressmen have called for an investigation into the potential for spying by the chinese owned company. We don't know in the future what type of data china may be requesting from this company location data patterns of life, usernames particular said: american user data is stored in the us and backed up in singapore, not in china, the app the latest to face military restrictions. Last year, some fitness trackers were also banned on some basis after maps were found showing soldier workout routines, and earlier this month, personnel were warned against using dna test kits after alarm over security risks. Now the military's latest concern over spying in privacy skimming from an app madepopular by music and dance ngati, schwartz nbc news and coming up right here, secrets found in a cave helping reveal a man's identity decades after his remains were discovered. We are back tonight with a dramatic breakthrough in a decades-old cold case involving remains found in a cave joe fryer reports on how dna technology helped solve the mystery for 40 years. A mystery is lingered over these remote caves in eastern idaho.

It'S here in 1979, a family found the torch of a man wearing a white shirt with blue pinstripes in a maroon sweater. more remains were found in 1991, but the identity of the man has remained a mystery until today, his name joseph henry lovelaceborn in 1870. We have identified someone who was significantly longer laying in that cave than anyone ever thought. The answer came through genetic genealogy uploading dna information from the remains to a public database to find relatives genealogists then painstakingly built family trees, which pointed them to lovelace they've learned. He was an outlaw with many aliases who repeatedly escaped jail. It was apparently wanted for killing his second wife. agnes.

Then, in 1916 it's believed lovelace was murdered. , his torso discovered 63 years. Later. ace is not going to be closed until we actually solved the homicide, which most likely being 103 years old will never happened, but if this case has taught them anything, it's that younever know where dna might lead. joe fryer nbc news, and next we catch up With jimmy carter, still building bridges to a better life for so many families on this final night of the decade, a reminder of the importance of service and selflessness. So we decided to visit former president jimmy carter. His carter work project built an impressive 21 homes. Just this year in nashville, a booming city where home prices are rising and a housing crisis is growing. Cynthia cynthia mcfadden has tonight's inspiring america.

This has been the best week of my life. A week. tara morgan has been waiting for her whole life. This is the master bedroom. where i was leave earlier thisfall. She showed us around the first home she has ever owned. I feel the love right there.

The folks at habitat for humanity, chose tara, a social worker with a master's degree to join this new, affordable neighborhood. In nashville, which one day will be home to a hundred families, including her daughter and all of my volunteers. , i've asked them to either sign their name or to put their blessing over this house. The best-known of the habitat volunteers. former president jimmy carter, who we found hard at work, his black eye from a fall fading. , you make 95 look pretty darn good to join a lot of murder watch wow. He surely did mrs. carter by hisside for 73 years. The volunteers make quick work of these new houses monday.

They were slabs by thursday. , we don't hand out anything in habitat, except i'd, say, love and affection, ernie and equality and companionship, which means, with a habitat, arranged interest-free loan part of the deal 250 hours of her sweat, equity and classes on repairs and finances. A bittersweet moment. , the former president, telling us the day is coming. We feel have to step aside toss it one of the strongest man. I know our backyard. , you know that's where these two come in garth brooks and trisha yearwood. Thirteen years ago after hurricane katrina quietly started building. , i think this shows you what love cando, what happens when people want to do something together as for taking up with the carters liftoff, if we can do anything for the carter bill to last a hundred years past, The carters count us in so in a corner of the world where dreams really do come. True: tara, who lived in nine or so places as a kid.

This christmas song her be on her very own front door. Cynthia mcfadden nbc news, nashville such a great program and an awesome legacy that is nightly news on peter alexander for all of us at nbc news. We thank you for watching, have a safe night and a very happy new year. [ music ], hey nbc news viewersthanks for checking out our youtube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch. The latest interviews show highlights, and digital exclusives thanks for watching.

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