Meatless movement is not a fad: Before the Butcher CEO

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 06/06/2019

Before the Butcher CEO Danny O'Malley on the company's new Uncut brand of meatless products. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. Headquartered in New York — the business capita...

I want to bring in another plant-based meat company. This one is called my torrid before the butcher interesting now they're launching their new uncut brand of meatless products and that actually brought some into the studio with them today. The guy in charge of all this is danny. O'Malley, not only did he bring in meatless burgers, but he brought his two songs in as well entourage right there. Th ...
t is it. You must have the studio with these people. Well, i look, why do you have children but to help you right now where it you brought this thing, you got him sitting right there. What'S the price differential, if that were a regular meat right, is itcheaper or more expensive than that one. This is a premium burger, so it is a little bit more expensive how much well in relatively speaking, if you were to go to a restaurant or into a retail chain grocery chain, it would be more comparable to grass-fed or organic okay. How much of course, of course, so generally will be in the range of maybe a dollar more pound somewhere in that range, sometimes a little bit more, i'm told that there's a lot of salt in your meatless burger gave it some flavor. Is that accurate? Not in our meatless burger, but in some other meatless burgers, that is correct. So most generally 80/20 beef burger will bein the range of 80, 220, 120 milligrams.

Ours has a hundred and fifty milligrams. Many of our competitors are upwards of four hundred close to it or more. Okay. I'Ve got the advantage, then. Yes, i'm told that you're going to have these products, you don't have them in the stores at the moment. Right, that's right, but you're gon na have them in 3,000 stores by august of this year. That'S correct! That'S one extraordinary expansion that it is who's paying for it. Well, we actually have a new group of investors that have just acquired our company. The majority share of our company in san diego we also have, and they have a food company that is oursister company. Now that is helping us ramp up our production. Look if they're sticking a lot of money into you, yeah they've, got to be saying, got ta, be thinking that meatless is here to stay and will continue to expand you. They believe that, of course, i could say it's a passing fad.

Well, you could say that, but it's not it's not we don't know yet well. I think we do because we've seen what's happened in a very short period of time this. This is not a fad. It is it's hard for me to say it's a trend. This is a lifestyle change that people are making in a very big way, and it's not gonnachange, and we need to make this happen because we're not gon na have enough protein to feed the world when we're up to nine billion people in 2050. We need an alternative source. This is it okay. Now i would not go into a fast food chain to buy a meatless burger. I wouldn't go in specifically for that sure, but i would go into a retail outlet a supermarket. For example, if i wanted a meatless product, i would do that. Yes, so that's you're, knotting vigorously. Of course i might be a customer.

You are my customer, you think absolutely our customers are meat, eaters, we're looking for people that are looking for alternatives for various different reasonsone may because of health reasons, generally baby boomers and are in that age. Where the doctors saying hey, look, you need to eat a little healthier. How are you going to do that plant-based right, so we're offering that alternative, but as you get into the younger generations, it's because of the environment, the planet and the animals you're, really you got it. You look pretty good, not bad. For 70 huh. Are you 70? No, i'm not i'm going discussion all right. Yes, how old, i am, i would say, you're one or two years older than i am then how old are you 56? No, i'm. 70. Okay, thank you. Look right down i'll. Take that asa compliment you look great. Would you eat this here, you're gon na feel better when you eat these type of products.

Look! What'S your name again, damn look congratulation. Thank you. So much uncut before the butcher will follow how you do it. I pretty mighty okay, one of your customers, but i think you're doing a great job baby forget it. I appreciate it. Thank you, sir. Thank you.

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