Trump is doing the right thing with tariffs: Meuser

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/07/2019

Rep. Dan Meuser, R-Penn. on Trump administration trade talks with China, the potential $2 trillion infrastructure plan, USMCA and the House Judiciary Committee's upcoming vote on whether to hold Attorney General Barr in contempt. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel deliverin...

Joining us right now to weigh in on all this is pennsylvania, congressman house budget committee, member dan, you, sir and congressman, is always a pleasure to see you thanks so much for weighing in here to how significant is this from your standpoint? Are we going to be able to see a deal between the two countries and what's plan b, if the chinese will not agree to the president's demands? Well, ...
he chinese delegation is coming there on their way. The vice premier as well, the so-called closer, is joining. It is very important it's as important for china, as certainly as it as it is for the united states. You know the president very early showed thathe was willing to negotiate. President trump also showed that he'd be willing to walk away and now with setting a friday date, he said it said, put a sense of urgency into this. You know the oldest tactic in the book for trade negotiations or any international relations is to is to delay and, to you know, the old days rush used to come in with, with carrying a a month worth of suitcases for what others thought was going to be. A two-day negotiation, so i think what the president's doing is right. We need a sense of urgency at this point. This is going on for a couple of months and you know the fact is thatlook. Our economy is doing very well, but we've lost literally millions of jobs due to the unfair trade practices of china. We didn't cause this. They did right - and i hope i'm with the president, where he says that the days of free trade must now they can't be free trade unless it's also fair trade right and that's where we are jenna.

I want to ask you a question about spending and some budget issues. The president is now talking about a two trillion dollar infrastructure spending plan with democrats. Are you for a big two trillion dollar infrastructure spending plan and if so, how do you want to pay for it or does it need to bepaid, for it all going to be deficit financed? Look, you know once again our country's doing well. Our economy is doing well, but we're missing some parts and one part we're definitely missing - is rebuilding and revitalizing our infrastructure, i'm all for it. I am not for a typical tax-and-spend way of handling this, i'm for a new plan that can just be summed up as return-on-investment right and in the tax and jobs cut. We had the we had the opportunity zones that we need to maximize. We have public-private partnerships that we can maximize and there's also something else that my and certain colleagues are talking about called the called the infrastructure bank, which can be createdand, can really do some great things, so you don't want to put any money into it, not not. If it's unaccountable money, not if it's simply taxing and spending the way things have been done before it's got to be done. A lot smarter and that's what's being discussed and - and i plan to be part of those discussions well congressman is daga mcdowell. Why shouldn't the people who use the roads and the bridges pay for their upkeep? Well, they already are not. The federal gas tax does not fund the reconstruction and the repair on the highway system. It'S actually much of that.

Money comes from general revenues. So it's people who it's not from the gastax, it's from people, say paying their income taxes. Look. I understand, i believe the federal gas tax is 61 cents, but states have high gas taxes as well. It'S roughly 18, it's under 19 cents, a gallon all right, yeah. I'M sorry, on average, with the state taxes it's about 61 cents per gallon, that people pay already for their states. Look it's about accountability. We need a different mindset in washington. We people are not gon na stand for simply a gas tax and be told, hey, everything's, going to be great and we're going to we're going to modernize our roads and and make them make them safe. So if we have discussions where my district, the ninthcongressional were to receive x dollars for x projects, that's something that we can talk about and that's the detail we can have to get into such a bill. When i interviewed mick mulvaney last week, the president's chief of staff, he said that there's a higher chance that us mca passes. Then an infrastructure package passes at two trillion dollars and you have to wonder if you are going to have you know the democrats come and do a hearing and and really talk in a real, genuine way about getting something done on infrastructure.

I mean you can't say: okay on a monday, we're gon na have a hearing on impeachment and then on a tuesday, we're gon na comeback and have a hearing on an infrastructure plan. I mean it just it's just not very realistic. So i asked you the same question: what's likely to pass first u. s. mca or an infrastructure package, yeah you're right all these investigations are a big distraction and because, frankly, the congressional democrats aren't all that interested in advancing that the president's want to see you see them. Us mca done right, you think it's good, they sure do maria it's gon na help, our agricultural in particular, it's going to help trade. It improves nafta, it's it! You know, colleagues have said right: they don't want to pass it well, nancy pelosi! It'S up to speaker! Pelosi to bring it tothe floor, there's no reason she shouldn't bring it to the floor. We think we we likely have the votes they're talking about some new labor requirements in mexico, they're already in the bill say you think it'll pan. It is a good. I think it's going to be close, i think it'll pass, i do think listen. We only need 19 to 20 democrat votes. There are plenty of democrats that have constituents that want our economy to continue to grow and continue to advance and stop all the nonsense.

Well, this so gets 20 votes. Meanwhile, the house judiciary committee is going to vote tomorrow on whether to hold attorney general, william bar in contempt, so here youhave them trying to rip down what appeared to be an honest brooklyn all of this. Why well well, because it creates more distraction, it continues the problem here you have the attorney general, who is merely the legal definer of what mullet the molar report. Findings were yeah and they don't like the findings, so they want to shoot the messenger. It'S it's! It'S ridiculous to hold them in contempt as ridiculous. You know what happened. Was he didn't like the procedures and the process that they were proposing? If you remember back for dr. ford in the cavanaugh case - and she wasn't happy with the procedures, they went way out of their way to change things, so againthat they're not dealing in good faith. I think it's even one chip on the democrat, william bar to do what he's promising he's going to do, and that is investment, how the investigation into donald trump started and the origins of that investigation. That'S, though, it's all coming out real. Clearly, you know what i think is really dangerous about this story by the way, unfortunately, as we learn more about what the fbi did to donald trump, we're learning sources and methods, we're learning all about the tools that the fbi uses and that's unfortunate, because this is Supposed to be secret stuff, like informants et cetera dan musick producer. Thank you.

I think you're right, maria thankyou counsel see you soon.

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