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Published: 12/06/2019

NBC News’ Pete Williams reports on new information learned from a police news conference and NBC News’ Kristen Welker confirms the White House is monitoring the situation. » Subscribe to NBC News: » Watch more NBC video: NBC News Digita...

Hello, everyone we're coming on the air to bring you the latest on a shooting this morning at the pensacola naval air station in western florida, at least four people are dead. There are multiple injuries. All this unfolded early this morning with an emergency call little before 7:00. Central time it set off a massive and immediate response by law enforcement to the facility, which employs more th ...
n 20,000 military and civilian personnel. This is the second fatal shooting of the us naval facility just this week following wednesday's incident at pearl harbor that left three dead, including the gunman our justice correspondent, pete williams, is following developments from pensacola pete. I know a news conference just concluded. Whathave, we learned. We'Ve learned now that the navy says this shooting happened in a classroom building on the facility, we're waiting for word on who fired the shots this morning, whether it was someone connected with the base or someone from outside. There are some local reports lester that the attack was carried out by a sailor. The navy now says 11 people in all were shot at pensacola. Four of them have died, including the gunman there's no word yet on the extent of injuries of those who were wounded, but the navy and the sheriff's office now say that two of them were sheriff's deputies, who were among the first to respond. Neither of them suffered.

Lifethreatening injuries officials say that those deputies exchanged gunfire with the shooter on two floors of the classroom. Building before it was over the sheriff of escambia county florida, where the base is located. David morgan says it's all over now at approximately 651 this morning the call went out to the escambia county sheriff's office, central dispatch, that there was an active shooter on the naval air station pensacola. We had two units immediately respond. You know many to come behind the course, while we would love to do a full disclosure with you this morning about everything that we are aware of. Quite obviously, we cannot do that. There are things that we are now in the investigativeprocess that are required to be held back by not just the escambia county sheriff's office, but our lead federal agencies, which of course, are the fbi and the atf and the associated federal partners that we and the us Attorney'S office is also president fbi. Officials, say they're, sending experts to help with the forensic investigation. That'S the job of reconstructing what happened. That'Ll be a big chore, given the large number of shots that were apparently fired by both the gunman and the deputies. The military does have strict rules about firearms on base. Only certain people are authorized to carry weapons so that'll be part of the investigation too.

But despite those rules, shootings do happen. Atmilitary installations by our count, this is the 19th shooting on the military base. In the past 10 years and as you noted lester the second this week at a navy base on wednesday the sailor there who submarine was docked at pearl harbor in hawaii killed civilian employees before taking his own life. The navy hasn't yet said what the motive was. But there are reports locally, that the 22 year old sailor in that shooting had a history of anger management issues and was facing a possible disciplinary proceeding. So one obvious question will be whether today's shooting was somehow connected to that one lester all right and pete. The president has been briefed on the shooting. Kristenwelker is at the white house for that kristen senior administration officials lester tell us that, yes, the president has been briefed he's monitoring the situation and his senior staff here will continue to keep him updated throughout the day. Now we anticipate president trump has an event at 2:00 p. m. that is a potential opportunity to hear from him about all of this. So far he has not tweeted about this.

He did retweet a breaking news alert about the shooting we have heard from the vice president, though mike pence. Let me read to you lester his reaction. He says saddened to hear of the horrible shooting at naval air station pensacola and continuing to monitor the situationpraying for the victims and their families, and we commend the first responders for their swift action and taking down the shooter and getting those on base to safety. Now, as for president trump, he has played the role of consoler and chief in the past, visiting communities that have been impacted by gun violence from dayton to el paso. And so this is another potential opportunity for him to weigh in to lend the support of the federal government. Again, we are awaiting the president's response, as we continue to monitor this situation. Lester all right, kristen welker at the white house. Thank you for that again. A shooting at florida's pensacola naval air station has left for deadthat includes the shooter and multiple people have been hurt. We'Ll have full details on nightly news, of course, all day on msnbc, hey nbc news viewers, thanks for checking out our youtube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch. The latest interviews show highlights, and digital exclusives thanks for watching.

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