John Bolton has 'moral obligation' to explain what he knows: Ari Fleischer

Channel: Fox News
Published: 0 hours ago

Former National Security Adviser John Bolton cannot let the leak of his memoir stand and should go to the press and explain what he knows about aid to Ukraine, says Fox News contributor Ari Fleischer, former White House press secretary. FOX News operates the FOX News Channel (FNC), FOX Business Ne

About the republican news conference, amid these developing spindles get back to ari fleischer former white house, press secretary. , obviously democrats trying to pounce on this news. This leak about john bolton ari. They already seem to have mitt romney and susan collins at least leaning toward witnesses. They haven't said they will vote yes, but they are now out with brand-new statements, lea ...
ing yes. The democrats still need to cope more republicans. , say lamar alexander lisa murkowski. Where do we stand at this hour? > >? I don't know how that vote will go, but i do know there is one other action we have not talked about.

I think john bolton has a moral obligation to step forward and explained what he knows. It might hurt his book sales, but if this has been interjected into the impeachment trial in the senate and is considered by some such important evidence and he might not be able to be subpoenaed because of executive privilege, it's a legitimate reason not to be subpoenaed. He has a moral obligation to go to the press until the press what he knows. He cannot let this half-leak standing. If there's context to it, he should explain it. if there is no context, he.

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