Ilhan Omar blames U.S. for Venezuela crisis

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/02/2019 10:37 PM

Rep. Steve Watkins (R-Kansas) reacts to Rep. Ilhan Omar’s (D-Minn.) controversial comments on Venezuela. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. Headquartered in New York — the bus...

Oh, have us sanctions damage venezuela more than the socialists who control it yeah. It'S all our fault. It has nothing to do with chavez expropriating the whole oil industry when he couldn't even run a lemonade, stand destroyed. That production has crashed, took over all kinds of businesses. They crashed then believe it or not. This new guy comes in and makes shava and destroys not only the wealt ...
and plunders the wealth but destroys o all hope leading to this. Yes, that's our fault. The amazing part about this congresswoman is: she wants sanctions on israel and netanyahu, but not on maduro and venezuela go figure that one out, i think, with congressman omar, her attitude right, nowis, just too short-sighted, because these issues have been going on for decades. We know even in 2003, there were price controls, for example, they would control the the price of flour and businesses couldn't they'd have to cap it, and so businesses didn't want to make the flour sell it because it wasn't profitable or the currency manipulations in the black Market to get dollars, those are issues that have been going on for quite some time. So that's the reason why i believe it is very short-sighted to put the blame solely on us sanctions. Yes, it did exasperate the situation, but we already saw this coming for. Quite some time - and this has to do with chavezas well as maduro - this has a hundred percent to do with chavez park.

Chris kristina, don't don't say, oh well, us is a little bit of do with this. Look. It'S not like the water is fundamentally different in caracas than it is in miami. This is all to do with ideas. This is all to do with politics. Look at one point: a venezuela was even more prosperous than the united states, but this is the net result of socialist policies and for this congresswoman to allude to the united states as being the cause of this. This is classic democratic, blame america first and i think it's reprehensible yeah. This is the hallmark of all socialism thisis. What happens every single time? This is the calling card. This is what happens. Every single time has tried for them to try to blame the united states for her to stand up. It is absolutely reprehensible.

I just i'm like flabbergasted that she's even able to say that, with a straight face, let's bring in congressman steve watkins, he is with us. He'S an army veteran he's, also a member of the house foreign affairs committee on which iran omar sits. So she is there on that committee. Should she be congressman? How do you listen well, thank you dave and, once again, my colleague, ilhan omar, is on the wrong side of history and common sense. Andeven decency, the u. s. is on the side of peace, prosperity and democracy. Maduro has wrecked this country in destroying it's institutions, its natural resources, its humanity. You know president-elect juan y doe is enjoys the support of basically all of the latin america community of nations over 50 countries in the in the world and and most importantly, the venezuelan people, which, by the way, are why this is so important. Listen, those people are suffering. I spent eight years in conflict post-conflict environments. These people are fleeing the country, eight or three million, and that's at a thirty minutes to ten percent estimates say it could go up to even five million are fleeing the country and basicallylet's face it guys.

This is a commentary on socialism versus capitalism on dictatorship versus democracy. Congressman. Thank you for being with us and thank you especially for your service to the country. A lot of folks are worried. Is there any reason under which american troops would get involved in this? Terrible? A conflict down in venezuela, you anticipate, could we see if any american troops get involved for any reason? Well, i've talked to with the department of state, as well as the u. s. southern command, and all options are on the table congressman. It'S carol, roth in terms of maduro being removed, let's say he's removed either peacefully or non peacefully, and we obviously know that there'ssome depth in terms of the corruption in the country. There is mafia, there's drug lords cartels and the like, and it's going to take some time to sort through that. Do you think if there is a transition, the us would get involved in supporting wydo in terms of making sure that that transition is done peacefully and that they can return to a democrat state? Absolutely the focus and mission of the department of state in the u. s. southern command is that is that there's a peaceful transition to guido and that there's an off-ramp for the two million government employees and in general, so that they that they understand that the u.

s. strongly Prefers a peaceful resolutioncongressman, it's cristina parts nablus here! Actually, when i continue on that thought, you're talking about peacefulness, if you have the us military invade venezuela, how do we assure that it's not going to be a similar outcome to the u. s. going into afghanistan and then trying to stabilize the environment there? It'S easy to get maduro out, and i know that i'm just you know, hypothetically speaking, but the aftermath of that is what is so difficult. So how do you overcome that? Well, the mission would be to work by with and through our partners in the in the area of which we have several we've had special forces operatives, training, colombian, militant military personnel for quite sometime. We also there's dutch and french forces in the area and and we've got friends and our mission would be to work with them. Congressman gary call bomb here: putin in russia. The last thing we're hearing is they talk maduro out of leaving and i gathered it has to do with the fact that russia has a ton of money involved with venezuela. Is there any talking to russia negotiating with russer trying to induce them to maybe do the right thing for once and and back away and get this guy out? Listen, i'm a kansan! I'M a huge fan of pompeo he's our a guy he's working to be giving it a full-court press on thisand and again just you know, listen look who's behind nicolas maduro. We got cuba, russia, china. I mean that alone should tell you so we're going to continue to work, diplomatic solutions and hopeful hopeful in hopes of a peaceful outcome. We mentioned russia, and - and you just mentioned cuba - the cubans, thousands of them literally a lot of the masquerading as doctors and such are - have have penetrated the government organizational structure so that some people say they're, running secret secret intelligence, which spies on all the the people Of venezuela, how do how do you root them out? Well, this effort estimates from five to twenty thousand, perhaps more, and you know as this transition as thispeaceful transition ensues there going to be a special place for them.

Well, that that indicates the use of military force to get rid of them. What do you? What are you saying? Our goal is for a peaceful transition, we're going to work towards that end, all in support of president-elect juan white? Oh well. Let'S hope it happens sooner than later. Thank you very much for being with us congress. We really appreciate it.

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