Trish Regan: 2020 Democrats trivialize geopolitical and economic threats

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/22/2019 12:57 AM

FOX Business’ Trish Regan and former Trump 2016 Campaign manager Corey Lewandowski take aim at 2020 Democrats and discuss how former White House counsel Don McGahn ignored a congressional subpoena. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across al...

Tonight our country faces some of its biggest international challenges in modern times from a potential military conflict with iran to a trade war and a fight for our economic future, with china to the threat of a cold war, cold war, light crisis in venezuela. Unlike anything that we have seen since the cuban missile crisis days, and yet we have 23 dams and still counting running for the office of ...
the president of the united states, that will pretty much i'll tell you. Climate change is actually the biggest issue confronting america right now, along with well what debt-free college and tax cuts for the middle class hey earth to dems? The middle class did get a massivetax cut, a really big one, and according to the tax policy center center, 64 % of americans actually paid less tax last year. Imagine that considering tax revenues were the highest in the history of this country, the point being that, while they're out there so fixated on everything from impeachment to open borders, we actually do have real challenges, real ones in front of us ones of substance that require intellect And some capacity to understand the world donald trump when it comes to his economic and his foreign policy, is right now, looking like the only adult in the room, steve bannon, the president's former chief strategist, with whom i spoke, live from paris just last night, slamthe dems For their total immaturity, putting it quite eloquently like they have some terrific young candidates but nobody's broken out. I think one of the reasons they're in single digits is carla. Harris mayor, pete beto across the board they're running like they're running for student council president. You know they're not talking about china they're, not talking about iran, they're, not talking about venezuela. This is a very dangerous world right now the president trop has got a very set policies going through. This is almost like the 1930, so degree we're going through a dark valley against very tough individuals and a lot of his president trump calls them bad. Hombres. Okay - and you hear these debatesyou his people, it's like it's like the united states exists in the island. That is not the case.

He'S right, i mean we're not living in an island democrats we're actually living in increasingly a very complex, a very difficult global world, and if we're not careful, we're gon na have challenges, we never dreamed we would have. There is a lot of responsibility that goes with being the most powerful, most prosperous nation in the world. We absolutely cannot afford to ignore that joining me right now. Former trump 2016 campaign manager, corey lewandowski, corey good - to see you, i mean i thought he said it quite perfectly, because it's very true we've got major problems right now, inthe world, the the u. s. is trying to lead the way through all that, and yet the democrats Are talking about free college? I mean where, where are their priorities? Why can't they get that one straight church? Their priorities are to livestream haircuts and dental work, and if you think that that is what the united states wants, as a leader, someone is going to negotiate with president g and kim jeong-hoon to denuclearize occur in the korean peninsula, you're sorely mistaken. Look what other world leaders respect and what this president has delivered is toughness, drawing a line in the sand and saying, if you cross this line, there will be consequences. This president has been so forwardfacing when it comes to those world leaders. They know that is a different administration from the previous one that was walked all over and if you think that these democrats haven't begun to address the world problems that we see you're, absolutely correct, not one. Member of the democratic party, not one of the 23, who are running for the presidency right now, has a plan to denuclearize the korean peninsula to fix our bad trade deals in china to renegotiate with india, who continues to be as to renegotiate with vietnam, who continues To beat us every time they have no plan forward facing nothing to do with iran. Nothing to do with venezuela and the maduro regimewhich continues to transpire and take hold down there. The democrats have no plan for the global marketplace and that's why they won't be successful.

I agree i mean, and by the way steve bannon was given him a little tip there. They might actually appear more presidential. He said: look they get some interesting good, promising political stars there, and you know you may not agree with them right, but there's a group of people with whom they might resonate, but the problem is they're still stuck on things that really have no major consequence on The world stage that they don't seem presidential cory - i mean why are you gon na vote for someone who doesn't understand frankly, thecomplexities of things like trade? Can you imagine for one second trish, that mayor pete becomes president pete and he has to go and renegotiate with china with their hard leaders who have a thousand-year vision on what they want to do and how they want to take over and we've got a young Guy with no experience whatsoever who's going to try and negotiate, it's not going to happen. The world leaders won't respect him and look what this president has been able to do with our adversaries across the world and with our friends, look at the relationship he's established with mccrone. Look at the relationship he's established with gee. Look at the relationship he's established the kimjeong-hoon. You know he was highly criticized for trying to denuclearize the korean peninsula by going and have a meeting in singapore, but look what he's done. He has put us in a better position. The democrats aren't even talking about that. You know meet someone at first base. If you want to start getting the ball rolling, i mean, i think about you, know, reagan and gorbachev, and all that was accomplished there and you know, there's a lot of similarities when you think about what this president is trying to take on and how his sign Is kind of scorned by the media and by elites for going where, where others have failed to go before. But corylet me ask you this because on the one hand you point out rightly so, that you know you got to talk to off and you got to present a very tough image.

On the other hand, we don't want to wind up at war with everyone right and this. This president, i think, has been very clear over and over and over again that he is not looking for problems right, but he's got to address those issues that are issues in the world right now in part, because you had eight years of lousy geopolitical planning. So how do we straddle this line right between making sure that we have the power we need to have that peopledo, listen up and pay attention, and yet simultaneously, not wind up getting ourselves involved in things we don't want to be involved in trisha reminds me of What ronald reagan said, which is peace through strength right? This president has now re-engaged our us military to bring it back to a level that is commensurate with the greatest superpower in the history of the world, which is us because for eight years under the obama administration, our military was being decimated because he didn't fund it Properly and so our adversaries know as bashar al-assad, if what happens when you use chemical weapons against innocent men, women and children, this president put together a coalition and put 59 tomahawksinto his country to make sure that that never happens again. So it's peace through strength, it's showing that we have the mightiest force in the world. We don't want to use it. This president's been clear. He does not want to be in a military conflict with iran. He wants to take our troops home from afghanistan and iraq. As soon as humanly possible, he doesn't favor a military intervention in venezuela because that's the last resort, so he's looking for those diplomatic solutions, but those countries know if push comes to shove and he needs to. He will use the greatest military in the history of the world to make sure that those problems are solved. I thinkthat's very true. Let me turn to this coria.

I want to get your reaction because democrats house did you scream. Committee are perfuming because you've got former white house counsel, dom again, basically snubbing that subpoena refusing to testify before the panel today and you could chairman jerry nadler coming apart at the seams, venting his frustrations in front of mcgann's empty chair. I want the viewers to see it and i want your reaction here. We go. Let me be clear. This committee will hear mr. mcgann's testimony, even if we have to go to court to secure it. We will not allow the president to prevent the american people from hearing from this witness. We will holdthis president accountable one way or the other wow another political stunt. There cory trish complete political theater. What we know is that the president has the absolute right and legal authority to exert executive privilege over the members of his administration who we serve with, so he can and continue to have candid, honest and and frank dialogue with these individuals and they should not have To fall under the ability to go up and testify in front of congress, that's very clear: every administration has had the opportunity to do that. This is no different and the department of justice has made of ruling that dunnigan not go up and testify, and so until a federal court ordercomes down - and my guess is this - could go all the way to the supreme court.

I don't think you're going to see don mcgee nor any other members of the trump administration before congressman adler's committee, because they have no right to know what those private conversations were that took place. I think that's the right thing for sure anyway, corey lewandowski always good to see you. Thank you.

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