Details emerge from Trump's 'merit-based' immigration plan

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/15/2019 10:56 PM

Fox News’ John Roberts on the Trump administration’s merit-based immigration system that would significantly increase the skill educational requirement for migrants. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Mai...

President trump, let's unveil tomorrow, a new merit-based immigration system, it would significantly increase the educational skills requirements for migrants. Let'S get to fox news. John roberts at the white house, with more john linds gon na, have to do to you. There'S actually two pieces to what the president is going to lay out. First of all will be something very familiar to your audience, an ...
that is the president: will talk about the need to increase border security, upgrade ports of entry and build more wall, make sure that every person who enters the country every vehicle that crosses the border is Screened at the peace officers memorial today, president trump talked about the need for border security. Listenhere, not one more american life should be lost because our lawmakers fail to secure our borders. Tremendous problems, of course, at the southern border, from drugs to the wrong people being allowed to come in because of a corrupt and broken system that can be changed in 20. Minutes 20 minutes program is what you're talking about at the top here: switching to a merit-based immigration system. What the president wants to do is change the makeup of the immigrant population, let the same number of people into the country every year, but just change the makeup. Currently, twelve percent of people are admitted giving green cards based on employment or their skills. The president wants to increase thatto 57 percent family based immigration, which is the bulk of it now would reduce from sixty-six percent to thirty three percent, and then another ten percent would be admitted into the country on humanitarian or other grounds, but it would and the visa Lottery program the president wants to introduce a build america visa that would recognize extraordinary talent, people with professional and specialized vocations and exceptional students, and these people would be admitted in the country. On a point basis, points would be given based on age, english proficiency, the offer of employment above a certain wage threshold and educational and vocational certifications.

Democrats who are skeptical of most everything that the president does are skeptical of thisas. Well, listen here! Well, there been so many aborted efforts when it comes to immigration reform. Under this president, i've skeptical as to whether he truly wants to deal with immigration reform. I know he wants a wall. He said that so many times everybody knows it. The white house is saying it would like to pass a new immigration reform bill before the election, but liz - i think in honesty. This really reads more as a 20/20 campaign platform piece that it does potential legislation with democrats controlling the house, great analysis and insights. John roberts come back soon. We love having you on thanks good, to see.

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