Dems should work with Trump on immigration reform: Sean Spicer

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 2 hours ago

Former White House press secretary Sean Spicer discusses why Democrats should work with Republicans and President Trump on immigration reform. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street.

Border apprehensions, they have soared over 500 % when these are levels that we haven't seen in almost two decades. This is double right now what president obama called a crisis in 2014 here he is in 2014, half the levels we have now watch. We now have an actual humanitarian crisis on the border that only underscores the need to drop the politics. All of us take offense to anyone who reaps the rew ...
rds of living in america without taking on the responsibilities of living in america. Undocumented workers broke our immigration laws and i believe that they must be held accountable, especially those who may be dangerous fix our broken immigration system. Okay, so why the switcheroo right whyaren't the democrats interested in finding a solution joining me right now is former white house press secretary and america. First action senior advisor sean spicer, sound good to see it right. You know i just played that sound and their president obama is saying things that we could hear. President trump say today, but the climate's very very different: what's happened, yeah well, it's quite simple. Donald trump was elected president because it defies common sense. It'S not just president obama, but when you look at the votes of a lot of these leading democrats, they voted for a barrier wall. They voted for additional funding.

They'Ve said a lot of the same things that president obama said: inthe clips you just played, but quite simply put this has now become an entirely political issue. What i don't get frankly, is that i get politics. I'Ve been doing this for a long time. What i, what i think is astonishing, though, is to your point: you've got in one area of the southwest border. In april, you had one hundred nine thousand illegal aliens come over the border. At some point you have children being used as pawns to get over the border for people who are claiming asylum. There is truly a crisis, not just a national security crisis and immigration crisis, but frankly it's a humanitarian crisis and if you do care about these people yousee these stories about coyotes running these families and running these. You know these children charging thousands of dollars for people to get migrated up to to our southern border, it's frankly dangerous, and if we care about these individuals, we should put an end to it, because it is our system that is becoming the magnet for it. And democrats, if this had been any other president, would be standing shoulder to shoulder with republicans agreeing i don't get it, i mean. What are we i'm just gon na take responsibility for all of latin america. I mean they want to just open up the borders. Let everybody in mckinney sense because economically, you know, we can't handle it andwe're not going to go in and take over all these countries.

I mean i don't understand where they're going with this one and what their ultimate goal is. It is it that they want to somehow make sure that they're able to get them a path to citizenship so that they can vote, and then you know vote for them. I i don't know i mean that's that to me is the only thing that i can plausibly. Think of right, which is you you bring a bunch of people in you, sort of doctrine, eight them into your political philosophy, and then you create this so-called path to citizenship and build in a ton of new voters. Becauseif any other circumstance. If you care about american workers, then you should be against this. If you care about young children and then being trafficked or or hurt or used in some of the ways, you should be against this. If you worry about the abuse that some of these folks and the caravans are going through on that, and then you should want an end to this, if you care about our national security, you should want an end to this. So there's really no plausible scenario that i can possibly think of politically policy wise or just compassionately. That would allow these type of policies to continue. But but the thing that that we have to understandis that it is tough when you watch these segments of. What'S actually going on, they are being told hey.

All you need to do is cross that southern border with a child you claim asylum, the us has to accept it and then they'll. Let you go because you could wake up words of five years before before a court date i mean it'll leave started this system, i hear you, we created it and we created these loopholes and we had good intentions when we did it. This is the law of unintended consequences and it's playing out in real time. It'S gon na keep getting worse because tonight the trump thing and they're not going to give theman inch quickly. Yes, sir, but but here's it here's the thing. You have a lot of guests on your program from both sides of the aisle and try to bring up these issues, and i think that the issue is that democrats get away with a lot right. So they get to say: oh no, i'm for border security or i'm against this, but they won't tell you what they're for right, and so this is where they're getting a free pass and a lot of the folks in the mainstream media are easily are ready to Hand it to them, which is they want to say, no, i'm not for open borders, no, i'm not for i'm notagainst border security. No, i'm not against a lot of these things that i just named, but they won't tell you what they're for or any way that they will actually solve this pathway to not do doing very well in 2020, because americans want something to vote for not just against Sean, unfortunately, i'm out of time - and i really wanted to get to this whole bar thing with you, but i hope you'll come back soon.

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