Reported Shooting At Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard | NBC News (Live Stream Recording)

Channel: NBC News
Published: 12/05/2019 03:40 AM

Security forces responded to an active shooter situation at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard in Honolulu, Hawaii. » Subscribe to NBC News: » Watch more NBC video: NBC News Digital is a collection of innovative and powerful news brands that d...

Thirty-Six stable condition and a local hospital and that's the information i could buddy this time there was this: a navy watch standard who was armed worse, that's still part of the investigation, but we have to firm d as an active duty sailor. The shooter is deceased. What kind of weapon good news again? That'S still part of the investigation. I don't have that information. They were shipyard. ...
mployees again, don't know any relationships. Obviously, in the shipyard there's a always a mixture of active-duty personnel and shipyard workers. The columbia is that station here. Why was it in drydock standard maintenance for submarine maintenance done in the dried up? How many people are employed on the columbia? Idon'T have the number of the crew witnesses. I don't have the number of witnesses, but witnesses are still being interviewed with this top. We have no indication yet whether they were targeted or if it was a random shooter. The shooter was male the victims.

Are they all meal, my understandings? Yes, all three and just to go over again. The now the shooter is deceased, as well as two of the civilian shipyard workers, the third civilian shipyard workers in stable condition, your local hospital, three people. I don't have that information. The initial reports came in that this started around 2:30. Is that still accurate? That'S okay and then what time was the lockdown lockdown happened, withinminutes in addition to a lockdown, a shelter-in-place order was sent out and the time that was involved in the time the phases in lockdown had to do with all the security protocols that had to be sweeping, But nearby buildings and had to make sure that was complete and that the scene was safe to see that the lockdown has been released in the all gates are open. Bringing personal weapons on base is not authorized. I don't have that information about the weapons that were used at this point. No, i just know it. The initial report came in almost right at 2:30. Talk about the tragedy now this is again ohana, that is everyone that works onjoint base, pearl harbor and naval shipyard is certainly a major component of joint base. Pearl harbor, you know, generations of locals have worked in that shipyard. You know we're getting ready to celebrate, or at least honor, the 70th anniversary of pearl harbor and the role that the shipyard played in world war two is pretty legendary.

The shipyard is well known for certainly a tragedy for everyone here, but certainly our sincere thoughts are with the families. Has there been any discussion about what the anniversary literally just days, away new security protocols etc for the base and for the visitors? We always look at the current situation and make evaluations on any upgrades and security that neededin that book. What about this may be one of the very first active shooting situations on this base. There'S been crimes and other things that have happened here. No again, i think we're gon na have to be fully investigated, and once we determine again, you've already talked about. Don'T know motives at this point more details, certainly to come, but we'll be looking at every aspect of it. What lessons we can learn, what additional security procedures would be needed, but but again we're still very early and they must be say this sugar tells himself apparently right the shooter. I think it really was security personnel we're on the scene within minutes. Each hpd also responded. Come on [ music, ] information becomes available. I don't have a recurrent schedule right now, but obviously again, shooter has confirmed that by an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound, there were three shooting victims. Two of the victims are confirmed deceased.

The third civilian shipyard worker a victim is in stable condition at a local hospital. That'S the latest here from the nimitz gate. You heard rear admiral rob chadwick, updating the media. Their gunman is confirmed a sailor. He is dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. He opened fire on three civilians. Two of the victims have been pronounced dead. The other is in stable condition, we'll have much more for you later in this newscast back to you,.

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