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Published: 12/11/2019

6 dead, including a police officer, in New Jersey shootout, House Democrats unveil two articles of impeachment against Trump, and Chilean Air Force plane disappears with 38 people on board. Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings). ...

Tonight several breaking stories as we come on the air that deadly shootout, a police officer and three civilians killed the suspects holed up in a store opening fire. The massive response - swat teams swarming the scene, the neighborhood schools on lockdown residents - warned to take cover how it all came to a dramatic end. Also tonight the articles of impeachment against president trump unveiled ...
democrats charging him with abuse of power and obstructing congress. President lashing out then hours later, welcoming russia's top diplomat into the oval office tonight. What they talked about in that meeting our nbc news, exclusive attorney general william bars new attack on the ig report that found no anti-trump bias in the fbi's russiaprobe and what he says about the conspiracy theory spread by the president that ukraine interfered in 2016. The growing mystery a plane flying to antarctica disappearing with 38 people on board the urgent search tonight and the fast-moving storm sweeping from texas to new england and the dangerous travel impact. This is nbc nightly news with lester holt good evening. There'S a lot to get to tonight, including the impeachment charges rolled out today, but still breaking as we come on the air. The new jersey, neighborhood turned into a deadly urban battle zone. Six people killed after an hours-long gunfight at a grocery store, the shooting of a police officer. Turning into a violent standoff gunfire ringing, throughthe neighborhood, forcing residents to take cover the dead, include a police officer, a father of five, along with three civilians, and the two suspects reyna ellis is in jersey, city police, moving in towards a supermarket as a horror unfolds on A residential block in jersey city moments earlier a hail of gunfire, a shootout between police and suspects, holed up inside the building tonight authorities say at least one police officer and three people were killed inside the supermarket. Along with two suspects, we entered the building about ten minutes ago.

There are a month of multiple diseases inside the building senior law enforcement officials tell wnbc it began this afternoon. The suspects shot the officer as heapproached them in a cemetery to question them as part of a murder investigation. The suspects then fleeing to the store sparking. The standoff i was bullied comedy. I told you, local schools were placed in lockdown, witnesses, say for more than an hour. Exchanges of gunfire could be heard between police and the gunman. I saw two people came out of your truck across the street and they and they ran and they shoot before. They went in into the store tonight. Police are identifying the slain officer as detective joseph seals. A 39 year old married father of five authorities are pointing out. This is still an active scene here tonight and police say two other officers whowere hit have been treated and released. They also say that they're, examining a u-haul van that they say was stolen by the suspects.

They'Re checking it for a possible explosive device, lester all right. High drama and tragedy, thank you, rehema, now to impeachment at a sobering milestone reached today, as house democrats turn weeks of testimony, evidence and speeches into actual articles of impeachment against the president, charging it with high crimes and misdemeanors and calling for his removal from office. Hallie jackson is at the white house tonight a moment months in the making for just the fourth time in us history. The house committee on the judiciary is introducing two articles of impeachment charging: the presidentof, the united states, donald j trump with committing high crimes and misdemeanors. The first article introduced by house democrats abuse of power charging the president with dangling a white house meeting and military aid money to ukraine in exchange for its leaders publicly an bouncing investigations that would benefit his re-election. The second article obstruction of congress for blocking testimony from key administration officials in what democrats describe as unprecedented categorical and indiscriminate defiance, they say the time to act is now. If we did not hold him accountable, he would continue to undermine our election president trump defending himself late tonight. Do you believe that your impeachment is inevitable? Sir? Well, i think the democrats, i can't imaginethey vote for it, because we did nothing wrong. I think it's a disgrace that people can make impeachment out of nothing. That was a perfect conversation. The president's allies argue. The democrats case is based on hearsay.

When you have a piece of power which is an amorphous topic, they could be anything they want it to be. There'S just way forth in evidence for this speaker, pelosi, adam schiff and her counterparts have been abusing the power of impeachment because they're afraid donald trump will get reelected on his own. Today'S announcement sets up a house vote to impeach the president as soon as next week and with democrats in the majority, it's expected to pass along partylines, but that does not mean the president would be removed from his job. Two-Thirds of senators would have to approve that after a trial next month and with supportive republicans in control there, the president's almost certain to stay in office. Mr. haly, we saw one of those split-screen moments today, democrats delivering articles of impeachment just minutes before delivering the president. A big victory on the us mexico, canada, trade agreement. Why today molester speaker pelosi says the timing, you reference is not a coincidence as she now undercuts. The president's argument. Democrats are doing nothing but impeachment, so it's a win for her and for president trump, even as he accuses democrats of doing this deal, onthe replacement for nafta out of embarrassment. He says over impeachment all right, holly jackson at the white house, thank you and, as the impeachment drama over the ukraine scandal played out today, president trump had an unusual meeting with none other than a top russian official at the white house. Kristen welker is at the white house kristen what happened in that meeting lester on this same day that democrats unveiled those impeachment articles over ukraine.

President trump was here at the vil office meeting with the russian foreign minister, sergei lavrov, now just moments ago, president trump tweeted out a photo of that meeting. The president has faced criticism for being too cozy with russia after it interferedin the 2016 election. The president says he has been tough on russia. You may recall the last time lavrov was in the oval office in 2017. It was controversial. The president had just fired fbi director, james comey and bragged to lavrov. It would relieve pressure in the investigation into russian meddling. The president also revealed highly classified information to the russians. Now tonight the president says he discussed many issues with lavrov, including election meddling, lester chris, and a lot of eyes on that meeting today. Thank you. One day after the justice department's inspector general found no evidence of political bias by the fbi and its investigation of a trump campaign attorney general william barr took issuewith that finding today in an exclusive interview with our pete williams in his harshest criticism. Yet of the fbi's investigation of the trump campaign attorney general barr said the fbi started with the thinnest of suspicions and kept pushing even after the investigation went nowhere, calling that a threat to democracy there has to be some basis before we use these very potent powers.

In our core first amendment activity - and here i felt this was very flimsy - i think - probably from a civil liberty standpoint. The greatest danger to our free system is that the incumbent government used the apparatus of the state, principally the law enforcement agencies and the intelligence agencies. Both to spy on political opponentsbut also to use them in a way that could affect the outcome of the election. The inspector general said that, while he did not believe the fbi was politically motivated, he could not find a satisfactory explanation for why the fbi repeatedly made serious mistakes and seeking to conduct surveillance on carter paige a former trump campaign adviser barr, suggested. He believes the fbi was biased. The core statement, in my opinion by the ig, is that these irregularities, these mis, these omissions, were not satisfactorily explained, and i think that leaves open the possibility to infer bad faith. I think a lot of people will hear what you're saying here and think. Well, that's just bill barr defendingtrump. Your concern about the fbi's investigation is what civil libertarian. I think our nation was turned on its head for three years. I think, based on a completely bogus narrative, that was largely fanned and hyped by an irresponsible press, and i think that there were gross abuses of fisa, an inexplicable behavior that is intolerable in the fbi. And what about the notion that ukraine might have the missing clinton? Email server, a claim - the intelligence community has repeatedly said - has no foundation.

Fortunately, i haven't gotten into the ukraine thing, yet i don't know i'm not even sure about the nature of these allegations and barr says john durham. The prosecutor he assigned to do a separatereview of the fbi may not be done until this summer. Lester all right. Pete williams tonight thank you. Skal versys, now-adult, developing in new zealand they're issuing a new warning this evening after that volcano eruption. Another explosion could happen in 24 hours. Janis mackey freyr is in new zealand tonight tonight. New zealand police confirming the eight people missing on white island, are presumed dead. The island itself still too dangerous for rescue teams to approach. We will not be moving there until the situation is safe for us to operate. In 47, people were on the island when the volcano erupted, including nine americans, newlyweds matthew and lauren uri were on their dream, honeymoon to new zealandthen, a late-night voice message to his mother in pennsylvania, saying they had been on the island and were badly burned terrified, a Horrible emotion, you can imagine they hung up and quickly called him back and at least got to hear his voice that he was at the hospital, but his hands were severely burned. He really couldn't use the phone.

Why thailand, or what kerry is busy from the shore for a closer look? We headed out by boat, it's pretty choppy water out here. We need to stay back five nautical miles, but that is white island. You can see the volcanic ash still hovering over the crater. The island is still unstable, there's the chance itcould erupt again the looming question: why tourists, including children and retirees, were allowed to go there ignoring warnings? It was likely to erupt janis, mackey fryer, nbc news, waka, tony new zealand, some harrowing story samara, massive search underway right now in the ocean off the tip of south america for a plane carrying 38 people that disappeared, tom costello arrives late details. The missing plane is a 40 year old chilean air force c-130 believed to have gone down in the icy waters between south america and antarctica. Commanders say the plane left punta arenas, chile, just before 5 p. m. monday, headed for a base on antarctica when it disappeared. Over a violent stretch of ocean called thedrake passage losing radio contact at 613 p. m. about halfway through the trip he says we are using all resources available, humans, planes, ships, national satellites on board, 38 civilians and military personnel, headed for an oil platform. Many of their relatives waiting for word in the capital of santiago as international search teams fear the plane may never be located tom costello nbc news washington.

In florida, the us navy is grounded almost a hundred seventy-five military aviation students from saudi arabia. After last week's deadly shooting rampage by a saudi air force lieutenant at a navy base in pensacola, the groundings were part of what a navy official called a safety stand-down. An operational pause in houston, thepolice chief, is defending controversial comments. He made about gun control after one of his officers was fatally shot. Here'S gabe gutierrez you brag about every piece of legislation you care about start caring about cops children and women and every day gun, violence, houston, police, chief art, acevedo, russ, boiled over after one of his officers died saturday in the line of duty. It was directed at senate leadership. Texas is two republican senators and the national rifle association. I don't want to see that little smug faces about how much they care about law enforcement when i'm bearing a sergeant because they don't want to piss off the nra, make up your minds whose side are you? Ongun manufacturers, the gun lobby or the children are getting gunned down in this country. Every single day sergeant christopher brewster, was shot and killed. Responding to a domestic violence call chief acevedo is blasting federal lawmakers for not reauthorizing the violence against women act and not supporting a provision that would stop anyone convicted of domestic violence from owning a firearm. If they're living with a significant other critics, say right now, the law has a so-called boyfriend loophole because it doesn't apply to people who aren't married. Houston'S police union is condemning the timing of the chiefs comments, calling them offensive and inappropriate.

Why take the stand now? When do we wait to the next offer gets killedby senator ted cruz is accusing chief acevedo of playing politics with tragedy, while sources close to senator john cornyn tell nbc news. The law already prohibited, the suspect from owning a firearm and the boyfriend loophole did not apply. The nra is pointing to the union's response and says it stands with rank-and-file law enforcement. Meanwhile, sergeant brewster will be laid to rest here on thursday lester, alright good. Thank you. In florida, the ups driver killed in that shootout last week has been laid to rest, frank, ordonez, a father of two honored days after he was caught in crossfire between police and two armed men who carjacked his truck ordonez. His family is questioning the police. Responsebut authorities say they stand by their actions and we're monitoring a fast-moving line of storms from texas up through new england threatening travel tonight and tomorrow. Al roker is tracking it out. Lester we've got a wintry mess, stretching almost 2,000 miles from corpus christi up into new england. As you see on the radar, we've got some strong storms down through the south, a wintry mix making its way now tonight from texas to new england, cold air. Rushing in behind the front and as we move through tomorrow, that rain will change to snow in the northeast lake effect, snow showers, continuing airport delays stretching from new york all the way down to new orleans and thenby tomorrow within the next 24 hours.

An arctic blast comes in some areas will see temperatures drop 30 degrees from where they are today, lester all right al. Thank you up. Next, the holiday surprise. These workers never dreamed of [ music ]. It'S that time of year, when some companies hand out holiday bonuses, but just watch as joe fryer shows us what happened at one company at the holiday party for st. john properties in baltimore employees were handed envelopes like the ones you see at the oscars. But this was no movie. This was their bonus, i'm so happy just thanking from the bottom of my heart. In all the real estate development company is handing out tenmillion dollar shared by a hundred ninety eight employees. The amount received is based on tenure bonuses, ranging from a hundred bucks to two hundred seventy thousand the average payout is fifty thousand. I'M definitely gon na pay it forward. Definitely i have to you, don't get a gift like that and not share it.

Scott connelly has been a maintenance technician at st. john for 29 years. I keep thinking about it. It'S like winning the lottery a little bit. It'S something that you never expected executives say. This was a way to celebrate, reaching a major company goal. We heard things such as i'm buying a new corvette, i'm debt free. Finally, for the first time in my lifeit literally brought tears our eyes real estate company, making a real difference, joe fryer nbc news. That is a merry christmas up. Next, a little boy and his inspiring christmas story, one finally inspiring america thanks to a little boy from texas who shows us how it means so much more to give than to receive here's kristen dahlgren. I like this robot. If you're looking for a story to warm your heart, this holiday, it's a really good day, some abrasive meat, elliott, white, my god, is the best my mama's the best hand, everyone that i know is the best a four-year-old with a rare genetic defect.

He essentially is walking around running around with only halfof a heart. He had his first of three open-heart surgeries at just four days old that was actually but he's more interested in giving than getting this season when facebook followers of the little boy nicknamed the tin man, asked what he wanted for christmas. His family set up a toy drive. Instead of keeping the gifts, they decided to give them away all the kids who don't have toys say thank you, inviting the arlington texas swat team to come and collect dozens of toys, a surprise to elliott their way to say. Thanks tonight - and i don't know what to do he's going through so much but he's giving back - he's my hero, a little boy - witha heart of gold, no matter what the doctors say: kristen dahlgren, nbc news, that's a picture and that's the spirit of a holidays and That'S nightly news for this tuesday, i'm lester holt. Thank you for watching everyone and good night. Hey nbc news viewers, thanks for checking out our youtube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch. The latest interviews show highlights, and digital exclusives thanks for watching.

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