Dan Bongino: Comey's legacy is a stain on the FBI

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/09/2019 12:12 AM

Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino discusses how former FBI Director James Comey pushed back against Attorney General William Barr’s claim that “spying did occur” on the Trump campaign during the 2016 presidential election. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel deliverin...

Joining us now, former secret service agent, dan bond gino dan great to see you could you believe, the arrogance of that that person he doesn't realize. We know what he did and we know when he did it: yeah lulu the euphemisms game: spying surveillance, you know: unauthorized undocumented viewing of people whatever you want to call. It is the magic act for idiots and call me likes to play that litt ...
e game with people. Everybody'S called this spying, lou spying as bill barr, said appropriately is a fine english word that describes exactly what happened and, let's just be clear here. Lou the evidence is is is overwhelming that jim comey's a liar they use national security. Lettersthey used foreign spies to gather intelligence on trump. That'S already been reported on other outlets by the left-leaning outlets, right they use the fisa court, otherwise known as a surveillance court is synonym for specific meanings, but reported on left-leaning outlets. It'S been reported on this outlet, which is not know. I fellini i'm just talking about the foreign spy. Oh, i see i mean everyone from the new york times on the guardian and cnn have already reported a year ago on the fact that foreign spies, yes spies, lou were feeding information to spies in the united states. About the trump team i mean, i can pull the article up on my phone right now and showit to you. It'S out there for everyone to see not to mention one final point: they used an actual spy in stephane halper, already reported on by the new york times.

I don't know what commis doing his leg was doing because he's doing the same thing he is sitting here. Yeah this nonsense talking about we investigate and then you hear, then you here call me parroting all that he said before the committee yesterday, you know debating the semantics. The etymology of you know all of this. These people are out of their minds. Who do they think they're kidding and anglos, one which bar said a perfectly good anglo-saxon word? I wanted to cheer because he'sspeaking plainly directly, because he has a high iq and the ability to do so. These idiots, who run around spewing latin derivatives are usually just that. I won't repeat: oh the sages, yeah you're, the shame of this whole thing lou and i'm with you a hundred percent on this. I'M glad you brought this up about christopher a yesterday. He sold this out. There was absolutely no reason to play this game. Christopher rey is one of the most powerful law enforcement officials in the cosmos. He had the ability yesterday to re-establish faith in the fbi and come out and say, listen, a very simple answer.

Lou, all we had to say is: there's an investigation goingon right now with the spying. Yes, spying, inappropriate english word we're looking into it and miss shaheen who he was talking to the senator democrat center. When i get to the bottom it i will be back here and happily talk about. Instead, what does he do? He does the comey euphemisms game. I wouldn't use the word spying. They were perfectly content with using the word spying every other time. Whenever talking about the patriot act with george bush, it's ridiculous. So what is good to me yesterday? What do you think of the cavil act, memorandum at the state department and they sealed it? Christopher rea took responsibility for sealing it two weeks ago and instead ofsharing the the documented knowledge firsthand of the fact that the steel dossier had a political motivation. Oh and yes, a deadline of november 6. I believe it was 2016. All of this has been sealed for 25 years by that same fbi that was engaged in spying, yeah no worries. Lou christopher ray said.

We can see the cavill act memo in 2041. I could be dead by then god forbid 20:41. The cadillac memo today. So the audience totally understands and completely gets what this is. This is proof positive that the united states government knew christopher steele's information used to spy on donald trump was political information. It was not legitimate intelligence, they knew it before. Thefisa was issued and now lisa pages testimony. The fbi lawyer, who was working on this, makes a world a sense when she seems genuinely surprised under oath in congress that the same source they were using. Thiel was also reporting to places like the state department, and i believe, reporting to the cia to john brennan was the puppet master of this whole thing, and i believe he played the fbi for fools and call me bought into it. Yeah. You know, and i haven't, ruled out of a strong role for the british government yet either and i my guess, is you: have it either no lou thesz, but that's not even in dispute. I don't know whyyou did.

Why would you even rule that out the guardian and then cnn of all places i've already reported on this? You know the fact that the british fed intel to the united states government about the trump team is not in dispute. I don't even know why this is controversial. Cnn is a sergeant. I just wanted to see you go banana's. Yes, you got me to go bananas yeah because it drives me crazy. When hosts you know out there who are afraid to touch this stuff. It'S already been reported on, but the british intel spied on trump. This is not controversial. You got me, i thought i was disguising my my quivering trembling hands gladit's still early and i don't have to go to bed after i wouldn't be able to sleep. I'M all excited now, well, you know and keep it there and by the way, i'm glad you took it personally that 25 years under seal you'll make ad and you'll make it no problem yeah. I hope so appreciate it. Damn fantine always good to see.

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