Callaway using AI to design its new clubs

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 06/06/2019

FBN's Robert Gray on Callaway's investment into artificial intelligence to design its latest clubs. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. Headquartered in New York — the business...

You know some technology is doing good things right, artificial intelligence, help you improve your golf swing, it's not so crazy. Robert gray is more of that. Hey robert hey! No, you know you guys are talking about the late 90s sort of took me back to the big bertha days. Remember that callaway golf, of course, bringing that to the market. The stock was at record highs in the late 90s. Well, the ...
ompany's been investing millions of dollars annually on research and development into technology. That'S right! A golf company going into technology they've come to market with their newest driver. The epic flash driver the first to come to market using artificial intelligence. In fact the companysays. It'S the first consumer good they've been able to find on the market that did so and fox business got exclusive access to go behind the scenes and how they came to market with this product. Take a look at some of the video one of the cool things they have there. Is this enormous robot with the serious swing neil it almost as fast as yours, 110 miles per hour, just crushing drive after drive using the epic flash? Of course, they also reached into the marketing team and found a to handicap to come out and crank a few 320 yards at a time for us, and you can take a look at this they're.

Basically theprocess started in the shop, though we talked to the engineers. They even have someone from the human genome project working on these designs, neil, and they said they came up with the idea that a computer could be taught to radically redesign a golf club. Get that ball speed advantage provided by the ai design face and also an eyelid, enable people to launch the ball consistently and hit the ball straighter. When you do all of those things, you get really important performance advantages that you can see in terms of distance down. The fairway and neil they're also using 3d printing technology to create some of the prototypes. They also do that on right there in theshop. We also saw some other designs there and you may see in the video there's a putter there, some other club designs that could be coming down the line they wouldn't confirm when or if those would come to market the secrets. Also it's inside the club head. We'Ve got to see that the unique pattern of waves and ripples and they told us that the computer can run many more simulations. Think tens of thousands of simulations ten or fifteen thousand, where, as a human engineer, may only run about 10 on each club and and so far the mark seems to be buyers out there neal the club has been the number one selling model since itdebuted in january. Pro golfers have won what else? What other number would it be 18 tournaments worldwide so far this year with this and next week, all eyes will be a one golfer in particular, phil mickelson will be teeing up with the epic flash at the us open at pebble. Beach in his elusive search for that you know, career grand slam, he's never won the us open and well we'll have to wait and see how that turns out next week.

Forget professional golf of the concord miniature golf: is there a way they can find the scientificly? Get it right through the clown's nose? I guess not. I just want the robot to tee off forme. There we go there, we go. Take it from there all right. You know you even sound and look like a golfer. You know you're that good at that all right robert. Thank you very much, robert gray.

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