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Published: 12/05/2019 11:00 PM

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The facts presented at the hearing today were overwhelming and compelling they were overwhelming as to the president's abuses of power, the president's abuse of congress, the president's betrayal of his oath under the constitution. What we saw today was a complete lack of anything from this committee on how we move forward with this impeachment inquiry. What we heard today was from professors who ...
ave inferences, who said, if you take an inference of an event. That'S plenty, you didn't do any facts, as i laid out in my closing statement. It was amazing how we cherry picked on the majority side, only opening statements, which only gave untested material but didn't give anything later when those same witnesseswere actually tested. That'S why i said if you want these facts, you've got to also take these facts. The majority right now, frankly, is lost. They don't know which way to go, because the facts are not in their favor and the american people are not on their side. This whole impeachment process is a total sham. As i asked in my testimony, i said that quoted the words from nadler himself, which were a three prong test and he failed meeting his own standards for impeachment and he said that if he didn't meet those standards of impeachment that it would tear the country apart. Well, mr. nadler, you and your democrat colleagues are tearing the country apartstop the sham and, as you heard in my closing statement, this situation meets all three tests.

The president committed impeachable offenses. They were important in beatable offenses. They go to the constitute the heart of our constitutional republic: they threaten the survival of democracy itself and the integrity of free elections and a majority of the people and at the end of the house, i believe understand that those are the three tests the committee will Take the information we receive today and we will proceed pursuant to house resolution 661 procedures contained within it. We will receive evidence more evidence and we will conduct the proper hearings and period. Thank you very much. Not only are the factsclearly disputed all the pertinent facts, unlike what the chairman said, but what happened here today is totally unprecedented. You have to remember this is the committee that has true jurisdiction over impeachment. We should have been handling this the entire time, but instead, apparently speaker pelosi, didn't trust chairman adler handed it to chairmanship instead and they made a mess of this thing. The constitutional scholars have repeatedly indicated that there is a clear equation of abuse of power by the sitting, president of the united states of america. There was such a discussion of process today and not contesting the facts that were in front of us. That was not part of what they tried to do theytried to talk about the process, how it might be to fast how this that. But i think it's very very compelling that there has not been any defense presented of the actual facts that are on the record bc: news fans, thanks for checking out our youtube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos.

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