Ben Carson defends removing illegal immigrants from public housing

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/22/2019 04:36 PM

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson on his testimony on Capitol Hill and defends the plan to remove illegal immigrants from government-subsidized housing. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both...

Housing and urban development secretary ben carson whoa, he was grilled, he was goaded. I should say on the hill yesterday watch this i'm way my um we come on mr. secretary. I asked you this when you were here last year and you asked me to be nice to you and you turn to your staff i'm way and you have an arm. We director and we wrote you a letter about it and um. We office of minority women and in ...
lusion whoa hold on a sec, we'll get to the secretary in a moment, but that wasn't all from yesterday check out this exchange. I'D also like you to get back to me. If you don't mind, toexplain the disparity in reo rates. Do you know what an reo is an area are not an audio, an reo or real estate? What'S the o stand for the organization owned real estate owned? That'S what happens when a property goes to foreclosure. We call it an reo. I would like to remind our viewers who may not know that ben carson was before he went into politics, one of if not the best brain surgeon in the world, and they were talking down to him. Ben carson himself is with us now.

Would you respond to all of this? Please, sir? Yes, it was first of all i was. It was three and a half hours of testimonyso. You can see that some of the networks are only interested and those kinds of sound bites that they can use to ridicule. You know the fact of the matter is: i was having difficulty hearing her yeah and, of course, i'm very familiar with foreclosed properties and with ari, o --'s have read extensively about them, knew about them, even as a teenager. There was a lot of blighted areas in detroit where i grew up, but what is interesting is that you know we when a family gets into a problem with their mortgage and it's backed by our agency. We go through a lot of receipt procedures with the banks to make sure that they don't getforeclosed upon in a few cases where they do. Obviously, we were able to sell those properties very quickly and the the reo portfolio, just over the last ten years, has dramatically decreased by tenfold. You know $ 65,000 sixty five hundred, so i suspect, when katie porter was an expert in this area. Things were very different. That'S why i invited her to speak with our staff that deals with these, so they can bring her up to date. Maybe she would then be able to understand what's going on, i think they were just having a go at you. Mr.

secretary now, also at the hearing yesterday, you were accused of favoring americans over illegals in public housing. Ijust want the audience to see this roll that tape, please, the d in hud does not stand for deportation. I'M afraid that a recent proposal of yours will bring nothing but despair. I find it despicable. This is a horrible plan. You will rip apart families and be throwing children onto the street. What is your plan to take care of them? If you read the rule carefully, you will see that it provides a six-month deferral on request if they have not come found, another place to live, and that can be renewed two times for a total of 18 months, which is plenty of time for congress to engage And comprehensive immigration reform again mr. secretary yourresponse. Well, you know we have obligation to follow the law and section 214 of the housing and community development act of 1980 says specifically that the hud secretary may not support housing for people who are not here legally. So what they're asking me to do is violate the law. They have the ability to change the law. Well, but what's really interesting is how they try to make this emotional argument about children.

These are the same people who are for late term abortions, who take a child who is viable outside of the womb and willing to slaughter them now tell me: how is that consistent? I can't answer your question. I'M just appalled at this attemptto just get at you and talk down to a man of such accomplishment of you as you, i'm almost at that time, mr. secretary, but i'm glad you are on the show to refute that rudeness that i saw so obviously yesterday. Last word: if you, if you read saul alinsky's rules for radicals, you can see exactly what they're doing look at rule 5 and rule 13. They don't even know that they're being used fascinating mr. secretary. Thank you very much for being on the show always angry. Thank you, sir.

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