Tom Reed: Iran needs to stand down and de-escalate

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/16/2019 10:50 PM

Rep. Tom Reed (R-N.Y.) on the growing U.S.-Iran tensions and President Trump’s recently proposed immigration plan. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. Headquartered in New York...

[ music ] tensions are growing in the middle east. The uss abraham lincoln arriving in the arabian sea two weeks early to deter threats from iran. Foreign officials, though say they are skeptical about the imminent threat iran poses, but us officials are telling the new york times. There'S intelligence, showing photographs of missiles being loaded onto small boats in the persian gulf joining us no ...
is congressman tom reed congressman. What do you know this? Well, you know. Obviously, the aggressive nature of iran is today continuing to escalate and continue to grow, and it's gon na go it's not going to go unnoticed by our policymakers and leaders here in washington dc. I just hope this course changes here, inthe very near future congressman. I understand that a british officer basically disputed the the reports of missiles being loaded onto a boat in iran. What do you make of that? Why would they not agree with what apparently is pretty obvious evidence that this is going on? Well, you know, obviously, there's always a dynamic here where this is ever-changing very quickly. But you know the the escalation by iran in this area is clear and i think that's without disagreement, and so what we have to do in america send the message that this is not going to be tolerated, that this is not going to be acceptable and that Iran needs to stand down and deescalate thisand, and if they do that, i am very confident that we will not have any type of conflict here. Hey congressman, it's scott martin, i mean we kind of been through this already with iran and the in the past. I mean who's to say that, yes, they get the message, but then they don't deescalate.

What are the next steps that we take? Well, you know you just got to depend on the the situation, but i can be very clear with you and with iran that we are not going to allow this to go on notice, that there will be a response by us, but at the end of the Day we do not want toengage in conflict, we do not want to have this escalate and now is the time for cooler heads to come to the table and just step back and deescalate the situation as soon as possible congressman. I saw some reports in the media that some of president's administration were speaking more hawkish lee on the subject and the president himself. There was a little bit of a disconnect there. You think that story is overstated. The the president and his administration is speaking with one voice here to your satisfaction, i think there's one voice there, but i mean i clearly can see where the president's at you. You see that he's has followed through on his campaign. Promisesto disengage american forces across the world and the use of military force is always on the table with the president. It'S clear to me that it is, but he wants to have these matters resolved without military conflict without escalation, but us being the world leader that we are. We need to send the message that it will not go unnoticed and we will respond if necessary and congressman. You did meet with the president today about his immigration plan house, speaker, nancy pelosi, just issuing a statement on the president's merit-based plan, saying it's dead on arrival. What do you make of this yeah there? You go it's partisan politics right from the get-go from the speaker's officebut. I think the speaker is going to be in a box here, she's going to have to deliver on behalf of her majority maker districts or majority maker democratic members and that they can govern and if they can't come to the table, to compromise so to find a Solution that we can agree upon, i give the president credit today he put a marker down.

He put something in black and white on the table. Now, if nancy pelosi has a response to that, that is going to be partisan politics. Well, then, we're not gon na be able to resolve this in a bipartisan way. My hope is, the pressure on nancy pelosi will build from her membersto say we need to do something on this because we all agree. The immigration system is broken and we're of the opinion, though this is basically going no place fast correct as we head into the 2020 election, it's more of a campaign platform right now. I think the president, by having us over and as well as other opportunities on the hill to meet with bipartisan groups of folks, wants to get a deal. Who wants to get something done. But when you immediately hear it's dead on arrival - and you know - that's not conducive to finding compromise and finding common ground to solve the problems for the american people, so i think your outlook is pretty accuratecongressman. It sounds as though they left the dreamers and the daca situation out of the conversation out of this proposal is that because they hope to use it as a bargaining tool to bring the democrats in on what really needs to be done on immigration? I think this is a moment in time for the democrats to put on what they stand for and if dreamers and daka kids is something that they want to fight for, and they want to find a solution for here's an opportunity to do that. But they're not even looking to put that on the table and to me that's that's a shame. You got two million of people. Two million peoplethat could be positively impacted by a solution here, and they won't even put that on the table to have a conversation to find common ground.

Is there anybody outside of nancy pelosi on that side of the aisle that is even talking about this or even trying to meet? You know partway at this point in time there are, i can tell you in the problem-solvers caucus. You know our bipartisan group of members that have set aside partisan, partisan, proud, republicans, proud democrats, but at the end of time trying to find common ground the discussion there is very positive. We want to find a compromise. Excuse me say: you know: what's what's carson, but that's the thingthough it's like. Do they really want to find compromise? Because that's the thing i mean congressman, we talked about this. We'Ve been over this with pelosi and schumer in the past. They haven't seem to want to find compromise because any compromise that they seem to find they attribute to a win from donald trump. So therefore it doesn't seem like they want to come to the table. I think you're onto something there, but you know i think the american people, the silent majority, voice, that i believe that is out there is saying, if that's what you're going to do with the majority, if that's, what you're going to do in washington dc is just Be partisanis to block any type of constructive conversation, then you can go home and we'll send people in there that want to get something done. That means a new speaker that needs it needs a new majority in the house, and so, let's see what happens, but i think the silent majority of americans are speaking with one loud voice to say, you know, be proud, be republican breed democrat but find common ground Congressman thanks for joining us tonight, you have a great evening.

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